Wee Twinkly Car Air Freshener


Considering how much time some people spend in their cars every day, it makes sense to bring a little Christmas cheer to your commute. The winking Wee Tree would do just that. Available through Perpetual Kid for $7.50*, we’re advised that it might not be legal in every locality, so they suggest we check with the authorities before we fire them up and hang them on our mirrors. 

*Not surprisingly, they’re out of stock right now, but Perpetual Kid has an email notification of availability feature.  Continue Reading

DIY Thrifty Car Odor Eliminators.

Children. Pets. Power tools. Library books. Groceries. We ask alot of our cars…and, we put a lot of stinky things in ’em too. And with dark interiors and constant sludging back and forth, it’s not always clear how dirty they get. Well, until the funk happens. It’s like one day, you open the door, and sit down, and say “Oh, know…it’s here.”

Classic red car wtih red steering wheel, red fuzzy dice in the window and white interior, source: sxc.hu.

So, here’s seven inexpensive deodorizers intended with the unique interiors, shapes, and smells of your automobile. Continue Reading