Best Hand Painting Art Ever.

Dude…I thought shadow puppets were cool.

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, but I think these unbelievable hand paintings prove that our extremities can be equally expressive. After all, our opposable thumbs make us human, right? Well, that and a penchant for complex and abstract reasoning, language, and introspection.

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Interactive Ping Pong Table/Virtual Aquarium.



Craig Wisneski, Julian Orbanes, Ben Chun and Professor Hiroshi Ishii from MIT were quite busy. Ten years ago, they created PingPongPlus, an enhanced version of the classic game that “features a “reactive table” that incorporates sensing, sound, and projection technologies. Projectors display patterns of light and shadow on the table; bouncing balls leave images of rippling water; and the rhythm of play drives accompanying music and visuals.”

Don’t believe this amazing feat was accomplished in the 1990s? Continue Reading

Simpsons Cupcakes.

Everyone’s favorite animated family get a fondant facelift. Veronica writes, “My niece Yana is celebrating her fourth, not fifth birthday (She’s a
giant!) on April 6, and as a present, I made some Simpsons cupcakes! I
have never tried making traditional fondant before and was honestly
intimidated by it. After ‘bugging’ Gel Colet with questions on
gumpaste, royal icing and fondant (Thanks and sorry Gel!), I decided to
not do any of the aforementioned and went with MMF or marshmallow
fondant instead. Continue Reading

The Brick Testament: The Bible Told in Lego.

“When it comes to telling stories with Lego, Brendan Powell Smith isn't messing around.  He turned to the greatest story ever told for inspiration.  The Brick Testament is a collection of photos illustrating [Biblical narratives] using only real Lego pieces from the 60's to today.”

In total, The Brick Testament has Legoed over 336 Biblical stories.

Click here to check out the Brick Testament Book on Amazon.

Via and quote: Retro Thing. 

Endlessly Customizable Toast!

“Nothing gets your morning going like a cup of joe and a piece of toast slathered in your favorite spread. Of course, it can also be the time of day when things are hectic to start. Kids running around, people in and out, everyone trying to remind everyone else about the super important soccer meet after school. Next time, put it on toast.

This toaster by Sasha Tseng incorporates a little message board where one can read quick notes. Continue Reading

Liquid Floor Tiles

Modular Liquid Floor Tiles – Walking on them creates play and movement of light stimulating sensations of nature and atmosphere. The Mono-chromatic tiles leaves a diminishing ray of colors tones the memory trace of a footprint behind. The Bi-chromatic tile stimulates play with colors and forms in continuous evolution. Walking on a LIVING FLOOR is stimulates memories of nature like walking a sandy beach or across a green pasture.”