Gift Guide: 14 Sweet and Unique Gifts for Kids

Gift guide: 14 unique gifts for kids

If I’m being honest, I have to admit I spent altogether waaaay too long putting together this gift guide. I just couldn’t help getting completely caught up in the myriad of amazing toys and gifts available for kids these days. And best of all, many of them are handmade! Click through for my favorite finds.          


Wood toy camera

 1. Got a budding photographer in your midst? They’ll love this wooden camera (that comes in a variety of colors) by Indie Owl – $30


Play tent

2. Continue Reading

75 Kids’ Decor Ideas You Can Totally DIY

75 DIY Kids Decor Ideas You Can Totally Do!

Decorating a child's room is such a fun experience. You can go crazy with color, pick animated and adorable elements, and all the furniture is just so tiny. However, these small spaces do come with their own set of unique challenges. As kids grow and change, so do their interests and needs. If you're looking to save money, or are just looking for ways to add your own unique stamp to a room, why not do-it-yourself?  Continue Reading

Make This: Simply Striped Baby Blanket

Make This: Crocheted Gender-Neutral Baby Blanket

This project is brought to you by the following joyous news: I'm going to be an aunt! I'm over-the-moon excited, and can't wait to meet my first little niece or nephew. That's right, I said niece OR nephew, and that's because the gender isn't known yet! I'm too excited to wait around to find out whether it's going to be a boy or a girl, and I wanted to get started crocheting a blanket ASAP. I made this gender-neutral baby blanket from a sweet sunflower yellow and cute mint green with alternating white.       Continue Reading

How To: A Minimalist Do-It-Yourself Wooden Baby Gym

After seeing baby gym after baby gym with plastic this and fuzzy that, this wooden minimalistic version is a welcome change! If you’ve got a baby on the way, or just want to make this as a gift for a loved one, try your hand at this surprisingly simple project!      


This is an excellent option for parents who prefer a minimalist home! Check out the full tutorial over on The Merrythought! Continue Reading

Make It: A Simple Wood Veneer Mobile

created at: 05/14/2012

How cute is this little wood veneer mobile?? I kind of want to make a million of them… and then, I guess, give them away? I don’t know what I’d do with a million adorable mobiles. But, gosh darnit, I want to make ’em!   

Melanie from You Are My Fave made this sweet tree mobile for her soon-to-arrive baby. While it would certainly be precious in a nursery, I think it would look just as swell in a non-baby-themed room. Continue Reading

Pallet Craft: Rustic Baby Nursery

created at: 10/24/2011

Instead of the run-of-the-mill baby nurseries that are in every catalog out there, this mom-to-be wanted her little guy's nursery to have something extra that would stand out and grow up with the baby.  That called for something a little more masculine than Winnie the Pooh.   

Using untreated pallet lumber and a good deal of problem solving, this nursery on the Bower Power Blog has a rustic and awesome accent wall.  Because the wood was free and they had a gift card on hand, it was a whopping $15! Continue Reading

Before & After: A Masculine Nursery Makeover

created at: 05/29/2011

Fluffy pastel animals: take a hike!  This may be one of the manliest baby nurseries I’ve ever seen.  

created at: 05/29/2011

created at: 05/29/2011

Wood planked walls?  Check.  Mahogany furniture?  Check.  Leather?  Fake deer head?  Check!  Katie Bower doesn’t mess around, especially when it comes to decorating her little man’s pad.  This mom, photographer, blogger, and decor junkie set about creating the ultimate baby man cave with the help of her husband and a few money-saving DIY projects.  (The wood plank wall?   Continue Reading

Modern Doll Houses

created at: 11/21/2010
Recently, I stumbled upon these amazing doll houses (read: works of art) by Brinca Dada. Not only would I love to have one of them for our daughter Ayla, but I’d love to live inside one of them. They are simple and stunning. 

The company’s philosophy is that “toys should be beautiful and fun.” They believe they should be athestically pleasing to parents and inviting to children. They pride themselves on skipping the flash and noise, in favor of simple lines and environmentally-friendly materials. 

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New Premium Tutorial: Make a Smart Bar Cart from an Upcycled Baby Changing Table

created at: 07/15/2010

Hi Curbliers – We're still stocking our premium membership section with lots of fun, original how-tos. Now that the little ones have all grown up, its time to create some adult fun by transforming an old baby changing table into a smart bar cart.

“An old, outdated, three-tiered baby changing table seems like a perfect candidate for a makeover. Although the shelves are a bit too deep for a book shelf and the design doesn’t lend itself to a side table, if you switch out two of the shelves, jazz up the wood finish with some metallic paint and add some decorative and functional wheels, you’ll have a party on wheels for indoor and outdoor entertaining.” Continue Reading

5 Baby Gear Must-Haves for a One-Bedroom Apartment


Let’s face it, it’s not the baby that takes up a lot of room, it’s all the crap that her parents think they need–or are TOLD they will need–to go with her.  Not only does the stuff take up a lot of room, it costs a lot of money too. So, although these tips are directed to new, soon-to-be parents living in a one-bedroom apartment, they really are gear essentials for anyone expecting their first bambino. Continue Reading