Make an Itty Bitty Bunny from Little Socks

created at: 04/01/2010

Bunnies are adorable and bunnies made out of little baby socks are even cuter. You can wow the kids and adults alike at Easter dinner by pulling out a pint sized bunny for each guest, your little Easter present to all.

Elsiemarley makes this look so easy. You only need a few items to whip up a

lil basket o’ bunnies from itty bitty leftover baby socks. Hey, it’s a green craft too. created at: 04/01/2010

Here’s where you’ll find the step by step tutorial to get you started. Continue Reading

DwellStudio Designs Available at Target.

I hadn't watched TV for almost three weeks. and the first commercial I saw when I turned it on featured some choice modern bedding and baby gear. “Who with such taste would advertise on the Food Network at one in the morning?” I thought. “Ikea? Room and Board?” Nope, Target.

Apparently the retailer has teamed up with DwellStudio for exclusive releases of bedding, a nursery collection, and kitchen/dining materials.

Grassroots Modern provides these links:

Baby Collection
Kitchen and Tabletop

11 Cool Photo Crafts.

Making stuff is always way more fun when you're using the images of your friends and family as source material. Here's eleven clever projects that allow you to use your own digital photos to create beautiful artwork and fun crafts.

  • KidGrid: DIY Photo blocks
  • Customized party gear
  • Make photo magnets
  • Personalized mini-stickers
  • Custom coloring books
  • Create your own pop art
  • DIY Photo mobile
  • Bookplate stickers
  • Personalized baby books & scrapbooks
  • Photo puzzle

The Most Adorable Baby Hat Ever!

I don't imagine a cuter hat could exist. The Coverall Hat by Oeuf is designed to solve the eternal problem of keeping the hat on the youngster's noggin, where it belongs. The effect, however, is ultimate adorableness.

DIYable? For sure. Can the design translate into an adult model? Absolutely, but we should probably keep our shirts on.

Made from 100% baby alpaca wool, which is non-allergenic. 

Via Babygadget. 

Don’t It Yourself?

This photo, with an adequate warning and shaming from DIYLife, elicits an important question:

What should you never do yourself?

Clearly, you shouldn't duct tape your baby to a wall, whether you do it yourself or with assistance.

But what tasks or repairs do you think absolutely must go to a professional? Intense electrical or gas work? Masonry? House cleaning?

Baby Booster Ball

There’s nothing that can ruin the look of a finely decorated home quicker than a child’s high chair stuck in the corner of the kitchen or dining room. To address this bane of interior design, check out Modern Nursery’s selection of high chairs, and in particular the Nest High Chair. It fits tikes 6 months to 6 years old, and once the offspring doesn’t need the altitude to reach the dining table, the Nest converts to a Nester chair. Continue Reading