Update Your Decor With These 16 Cool Rattan Pieces

With the recent resurgence of bohemian style, it's no wonder that rattan is also making a comeback. But you might be surprised to discover that rattan can look surprisingly chic. Context is everything, and mixing a rattan piece or two in with more modern elements can make all the difference between a room that looks like the revenge of the '70s, and one that looks like you just added in a bit of natural rattan flair. Continue Reading

Round Up: 7 Woven Easter Basket Tutorials

created at: 03/26/2012

Whether you call them Easter baskets or spring baskets, these delightful DIY creations will add a fresh and festive feel to any space. 

Pictured above is Diane’s creation. Any self-respecting paper crafter will have everything on hand to re-create one. 

Running With Scissors has a sweet little bushel basket tutorial, also made out of paper.

Mar08 Card and Baskets

Even easier is this option from Homemade Gifts Made Easy. Reminds me of a take away container.

paper easter basket step 4

For something a bit more durable, how about One Charming Party’s felt Easter basket? Continue Reading

DIY Idea: Modern Dip-Dyed Baskets

created at: 04/26/2011

This DIY project has “Scandinavian Modern” written all over it!  It’s also one of those “why didn’t I think of that?” ideas.  The white and wood combo is at once classic, modern, and trendy.  For color lovers like myself, I’d suggest experimenting with bold hues – maybe even neon if you’re feeling crazy!  

Leave it to Martha* to come up with something as simple and doable as this dip-dyed basket DIY.  All you need is a basket, a plastic bin to pour paint into, and enough paint to dip your basket into.   Continue Reading

Make a Jute Fall Basket


Jute, it’s not just for upholstery projects anymore. Instead of weaving it in seat situations, Erin decided to use it to weave baskets. The process couldn’t be easier, and the supplies are minimal:   

  • jute
  • pins
  • glue gun and sticks
  • scissors
  • fabric stiffener
  • something to serve as a form; Erin used a styrofoam cooler
  • and finally, as re-nest suggests, some non-stick cooking spray.

For the entire tutorial, head on over to Lemon Tree Creations.

How to sew a storage basket.

storage basket top

Imagine, storage baskets in the print, color and size of your choosing. *Sigh* Thanks to j. caroline creative it’s a dream come true! Here’s what we’re told we need to make them:


  • 1 yard of exterior fabric (1/2 yard for smaller basket)

  • 1/2 yard of interior lining fabric

  • scrap of fabric for label holder
  • 1 yard heavy stabilizer (1/2 yard for smaller basket) (I had the best luck with Super Heavy Stabilizer B0509, but you could also use Peltex 70or Timtex.
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20 Alternatives to Traditional Easter Grass

The grass the Easter Bunny traditionally stuffs into baskets is not exactly bunny food. Plus, it’s messy, tacky and not good for the environment. So, this year just say ‘no’ to Easter’s answer to tinsel and try one of the following alternatives. More interesting than paper from the shredder, and there’s something for everybody, no matter the age of the recipient.

  1. Legos
  2. Leftover gift bows
  3. Sports balls, as in the golf or tennis variety
  4. New, balled up socks
  5. Sprouted wheat grass (check out this post at Zakka Life for a how-to)
  6. Pompons
  7. Felt
  8. Small pillow
  9. Crumpled tissue paper
  10. Folded up article of new clothing
  11. Silk flowers
  12. Curling ribbon
  13. Fluffy slippers
  14. Stuffed animal(s)
  15. Nuts as in peanuts or even packing peanuts too
  16. Cloth or fake fur
  17. Popcorn
  18. Licorice bits
  19. Silk or paper leaves
  20. Plastic army men or zoo animals

To read more about these alternatives, hop on over to this post. Continue Reading

Curbly Video Podcast: How to Sew Basket Liners…Without a Pattern!

created on: 10/02/08

If you ask me, a basket without a basket liner looks kinda naked. But sewing them can be a bit tricky, especially when you factor in those four tricky corners on the bottom. I decided there had to be an easier, fool proof way to make them. So, after some experimentation, I came up with a method that involves a little math but no pattern and–better yet–no corner sewing!

What you’ll need:

  • a sewing tape measure
  • a ruler
  • a pencil
  • fabric (you’ll see how to calculate the size in the video)
  • 1/4″ elastic (you’ll see how to calculate its length in the video, as well)
  • a small to medium sized safety pin
  • straight pins
  • an iron and ironing board
  • a sewing machine, thread, scissors, etc.
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