How To: Make a Body Pillow Cover That’s Actually Cute

How to make a body pillow cover

Do you use a body pillow? I can't sleep without one. I used to be able to, but over the years my joints have started to require that extra support as I snooze. While my wife fortunately doesn't mind me cuddling something else all night long, I am miffed at the lack of options when it comes to shopping for a body pillow cover. Because of this, I've always made my own. Usually I just make them from an old sheet, but decided to make a fancier one for this newest body pillow I bought (body pillows are on back-to-school sale right now, just FYI!). Continue Reading

Start Off the New Year Fresh: How to Clean Your Mattress

Cleaning Your Mattress: A step by step guide (with video!)

Happy 2018, folks! Are you feeling the energy of a fresh year, or are you still crawling out of the laze of the holidays? I’ve finally started to put all our Christmas decorations away which is making the transition feel more natural. All this organizing and putting away of things is propelling me towards some deep cleaning goals that I’ve always wanted to attempt. There’s a long list of tasks I want to tackle, but priority number one was cleaning my mattress. Continue Reading

12 Ways to Make your Bed the Most Comfortable Spot in Your Home

Photo via Homey Oh My

Your bed is probably what you look forward to coming home to at the end of a long day, or it’s what you don’t want to leave in the early morning. If you think your bedroom is comfortable now, just wait until you give it an upgrade with these 12 ways to make your bed more comfortable with small changes like pillows, mattress pads, comforters and more. All your home needs is a little love to make it feel like a whole new space, and with any luck, you’ll be even more excited to go to sleep every night!           

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Shopping Guide: Stylish Bedding For Hot Sleepers

Shopping Guide: Stylish Bedding For Hot Sleepers
Photo: Faith Towers Provencher

Night sweats are the worst. You go to bed all cozy in your comforter, only to wake up a couple of hours later overheating and sweaty. Know the feeling? Then you might want to consider a lighter blanket. I did, and I can't even tell you how much better I sleep now. So today I'm sharing ten of my favorite lighter blankets for a stylish, sweat-free night's sleep.   


Shopping Guide: Stylish Bedding For Hot Sleepers

1. Wrap up in one of these elegant plush printed blankets from Madison Park, without the heft of a big duvet-covered comforter. Continue Reading

How To Be an Adult and Learn to Actually Fold a Fitted Sheet

how to fold a fitted sheet

There are points in my life where I stop and say to myself, Now I feel like a real adult. Like when I bought my first car, or when I took that car for its first oil change. Or when I opened a savings account, or purchased my first washer and dryer. Or like when I learned how to fold a fitted sheet properly.


I had no idea this was a thing until my mother casually mentioned the possibility to me.  Continue Reading

Shopping Guide: Three Dorm Designs To Steal This Semester

Shopping Guide: Three Dorm room Designs to Steal This Semester

The fall semester is about to begin and Curbly has you covered. Here are three stylish and shoppable designs that you can steal for your dorm.

Dorm Room Design #1

Shopping Guide: Three Dorm room Designs to Steal This Semester
Pin & Shop This Dorm Room Design from Ikea & World Market

The above moodboard is a combo from World Market and Ikea.

If there was ever a one stop shop for college, Ikea is your store. There is no better store for storage items which is what you need the most for your home away from home. Continue Reading

Roundup: 10 Ways to Make Your Bed

If you are like me, you “pin” tons of bedroom pictures simply because the styled bed makes you want to dive in and take a nap…yet your own bed never seems to look that way. It’s time to change that. Your bed deserves to be a restful refuge. Here are a few different ways you can make your bed so its stylish, relaxing, and functional.   


1. Double Quilt

Forgo the duvet cover and make your bed with two quilts.  Continue Reading

Make It: Colorful DIY Dip-Dyed Bed Linens and Throw Pillows

I’m still loving the “dip dyed” trend, especially when applied to textiles, as it has more of an organic, water-color type effect rather than an opaque, colorblocked look. I think I might snag some plain white bedding and give this project a whirl this weekend!      

This project is super simple, albeit a bit messy (or prone to messiness, rather, if you’re not careful). All you need is fabric dye and some cotton or linen bedding/pillows/fabric. Check out all the steps and how to pull off this perfectly dipped look over on Sweet Paul! Continue Reading

Bedding Guide: 16 Colorful and Patterned Duvets under $100

created at: 02/27/2013

After 7 years with the same bedding, I recently got the urge to switch things up in the bedroom textile department. In my search, I came across quite a few fun, stylish, and affordable options! If you’re looking to add some color or pattern to your bedroom, check out these 16 duvets under $100!      

1. Magical Thinking Triangle Chain Duvet

2. Eivor Farga Duvet

3. Organic Chevron Duvet

4. Floral Watercolor Duvet

created at: 02/27/2013

5. Dazzling Chevron Duvet

6. Continue Reading

Make It: DIY Dip-Dye Bedding

created at: 11/19/2012

This is a super cool technique for making your own dip-dyed linens and fabric! I am definitely tempted to grab some discounted white sheets and try my hand at it — what do you say?      

A bucket, some dye, and fabric are the core essentials for this DIY project from A Merry Mishap. You could also grab some tea towels and napkins to dye while you’re at it! There’s also a secret ingredient that you add to the dye that I didn’t even know was necessary! Continue Reading