Top 10 Bedroom & Office Makeovers of 2011

created at: 12/20/2011

As another year comes to a close, we’d like to take the opportunity to look back at all the marvelous makeovers we’ve seen here on Curbly in 2011. In this roundup of the best of the best, we’re concentrating on bedrooms and offices. The criteria for landing on this esteemed list is simple: the rooms had to make us do a double take. Sometimes that meant studying the before to make sure it was the same room as pictured in the after. Continue Reading

3 Woody & Wonderful Bedrooms

Woody bedrooms belong in log cabins…or don’t they? These three gorgeous bedrooms celebrate natural timber in very interesting ways. Each have a very “Zen quality,” perfect for a good night’s rest.

The addition of the canopy in the first example lends a serious amount of romance.

For an interesting mix of styles, check out this lofty space:

a dream bedroom 20 My dream bedroom(s) (34 photos)

Okay, this examplie is a bit more cabin-y, but it’s luscious nonetheless.

dream bedroom 32 My dream bedroom(s) (34 photos)

For more dreamy bedrooms, visit The Berry. Continue Reading

6 Sensational Seaside Bedrooms

created at: 05/18/2011

From straight up modern to a little bit British Colonial, bedrooms by the sea rank up there with some of the most romantic imaginable. And, yes, sometimes it’s more about the view than the decor!   

Crisp and clean and so serene:

Bedroom Luxury Dream House Design 500x429 Luxury Dream House Design at the Seaside, Casa Kimball

Taking inspiration from the color of the sea, the addition of blue to this bedroom is spot on.  

If you live by the sea, walls shouldn’t get in the way of your view!

The padded headboard feels a little too ‘institutional’ to me, but the room is still a worthy addition to the list. Continue Reading

8 DIY Headboards You Actually Can Do Yourself

DIY Headboards You Can Actually Do Yourself

You don't have to ask me twice to talk about DIY headboards! The headboard is that very special piece of furniture that's up for anything, design-wise (in my opinion, anyway!). Whether understated or ornate, headboards can be painted, upholstered, woven, salvaged, taped on the wall – you name it. You can essentially make a headboard out of anything that fits behind your bed. Ahh, so much freedom, so little time. Let's take a look at some of my favorites and how you can get started.      Continue Reading

4 Hot Italian Font Wallpapers

Font decorating hasn’t captivated me, until now. These four rooms, dressed up in graphic font wallpapers by the Italian company Wall and Deco, have me rethinking this whole font decor thing. These walls add just the right character (Ha!, no pun intended) and would provide hours of obsessive word searching. Oh! Get a load of that duvet and pillow combo. Scrumptious.

Did you figure out the one you a steady handed DIY-er could easily knock-off?


10 DIY Dresser Makeovers To Die For

created at: 02/08/2011

There’s something quite beautiful about the fact that almost any old dresser can be turned into your own personal work of art. They’re essentially a blank canvas waiting for an inspired transformation. Often, the hardest part is seeing beyond the chipped paint and missing hardware to where you can take that thing. Whether it’s plain or fancy, painted or stained, here are 10 statement making dresser makeovers to inspire (well, only nine fit in my collage so you’ll have to read on through to see the tenth one). Continue Reading

Beautify That Ugly Black Out Shade

created at: 08/05/2010

Black out window shades kind of remind me of support (panty)hose that stewardess’ wear. Heavy duty and not so pretty. Well, simple solutions are always the best don’t you think?

created at: 08/05/2010


Here’s virtual business at its best: Joanna Goddard of A Cup of Jo blog fame needed help with her baby nursery. She collaborated with interior designer Jenny Komenda of Little Green Notebook and they came up with the cutest darn baby nursery ever. In addition to  hand painting the black out blind with soft clouds herself, Jenny even sewed the curtains for BABY Toby’s room.Now Continue Reading

23 Bedrooms with Killer Ocean Views

ocean view bedroom 23 Amazing Bedrooms with a Panoramic View of the Ocean

Although each bedroom in this lineup is beautifully decorated, we’re mostly interested in its exterior decor. It’s very hard to beat panoramic ocean views. They’re so perfect,    in fact, I’m wondering if some were shopped. Hope not…..

mirific bedroom view 23 Amazing Bedrooms with a Panoramic View of the Ocean

wood bedroom villa resort 23 Amazing Bedrooms with a Panoramic View of the Ocean

bedroom view villa island 23 Amazing Bedrooms with a Panoramic View of the Ocean

To see the rest of the bedrooms, head on over to Freshome.


6 Ways to Sex Up Your Bedroom

Dirty laundry is not sexy. Neither are stuffed animals. To bring sexy back to the bedroom, you might want to considered taking these suggestions into consideration.

   1. De-clutter. Bedrooms can become a dumping ground for newspapers, magazines, kids toys, you name it. Get rid of all that extraneous non-bedroom stuff that’s laying on the floor and bedside tables. And if you have an unused piece of exercise equipment in there, it might be time to let it go. Continue Reading