How To Make a DIY Modern Birdhouse

In this post, you’ll learn how to make a birdhouse two different ways …

How to make a birdhouse - modern and MCM design plans

A few years ago, I made a mid-century inspired birdhouse, modeled after the iconic Case Study houses. I created it using my growing collection of woodworking tools, like a table saw and router table, cutting complex angles, and using joints like rabbets and dadoes. It was fun and challenging, and nearly three years outside later, it’s still very strong and holding up wonderfully. Continue Reading

IKEA Hack: DIY Knuff Magazine File Birdhouse

IKEA Hack: DIY Knuff Magazine File Birdhouse
Photo: Faith Towers

In case you haven’t noticed, we love making IKEA items even cooler. So when I decided I needed a birdhouse for our yard, it occurred to me that the wooden Knuff magazine file might be the perfect solution. Keep reading to check out the stylish, modern birdhouse that I came up with.   


IKEA Hack: DIY Knuff Magazine File Birdhouse
Photo: Faith Towers

The birds in your yard will be thrilled to move into this hip little haven! Here’s what you’ll need for this project…. Continue Reading

12 Stylish and Easy DIY Birdhouses and Feeders

With spring in full force (and summer only a month away — YAY!), it seems like every bird in the neighborhood is out and about and enjoying the sunshine. Give them something more to chirp about with one of these easy DIY birdhouses or feeders!     


1. DIY Upcycled Glass Bottle Bird Feeder

2. DIY Hanging Frame Bird Feeder

3. DIY Modern Bird Feeder

4. DIY Bird Seed Hanging Feeder

5. DIY Painted Gourd Birdhouse

6. DIY Re-Purposed Dinnerware Bird Feeder

7. Continue Reading

Roundup: 10 Modern Birdhouses and Feeders!

created at: 04/09/2012

One of my favorite things about spring is watching the world come alive, from new buds on the trees to a flurry of avian activity in our yard. Celebrate the season and gives all those birds something to really talk about with one of these unique houses or feeders!   


1. Birdy Birdhouse by Vladimir Jaccard

2. Hummingbird Feeder by J Schatz

3. Bird feeder by Joe Papendick

4. Birch Bird House by Tapio Anttila

5. Pip Pip Bird Feeder by Stina Sandwall

6. Continue Reading

How To: Make a DIY Modern Bird Feeder

created at: 04/19/2011

If I were a pet owner…buddy, my guys would be living in style. Mod dog houses, pet beds, Eames dot collars, you name it. After all, they’d have to go in my house, which doesn’t contain a lick of traditional nor country.

But, I’m not a pet owner. I have quite strong allergies to most any creature, and so, my only option is to share the modernism with the little guys who live outside my house. Continue Reading

Curbly Video Podcast: Build Your Own Mid-Century Modern Birdhouse

Anyone interested in design and architecture can appreciate the brilliant combination of modern materials and contemporary lifestyle patterns inhabitated in the classic mid-century modern ranch home. But rare is the lucky individual that'll every live in an Eichler or an iconic Case Study House. Heck, most of us will never even live in California.

So bring some modernism to your house, whatever its era, by creating a home for your native avian population by building a mid-century birdhouse. Continue Reading

Make a Little Birdhouse (Lamp) in Your Soul….

Ahhhh *nostalgic sigh*, They Might Be Giants.

Avians seem to
be a theme with me this week. Inke Heiland, the dutch designer whose
wallpaper birds I just posted about, is also the creator of this bird house lamp.created on: 08/05/08

It’s very cute and would look good in a small persons room or a hallway
but $325 is a lot of money for ‘quirky’. I figure it has to be DIY-able
with say, a MYO Birdhouse Kit ($12.95 Continue Reading

Mid-Century Birdhouses.

You may never get to live in an actual Case Study house, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look at one every day. “At Modern Birdhouses…, they’ve released a series inspired by architects of the Case Study Houses Program–specifically J.R. Davidson, Richard Neutra, and Ralph Rapson. They’re made of SmartWood oiled teak, with floating aluminum roofs in three signature modern silhouettes, and they ship preassembled, so you don’t have to be as gifted as Misters Davidson, Neutra, and Rapson.” Continue Reading

Modernist Bird Houses.

Switched On Set states:

“Never mind some bread and nuts, if you really want to treat the birds in your garden, get them the ultimate in stylish living – scaled replicas of great architectural homes for birds.

That's what German design company Raumhochrosen is now offering. There's a range of homes including 60s gems like the  Gunter Wratzfeld's House Watzenegg in Dornbirn (1963) and Rudolf Wäger's Dice House in Götzis (1965) through to more contemporary designs like the Futterhaus SU-SI (1998) and the Futterhaus Haus R. Continue Reading