The Secret that Will Take Your Parties to the Next Level

Pineapples and party supplies

Parties are a celebration, and by default, they’re supposed to be fun. You can’t force your guests to enjoy themselves, so what do you do to make sure your get-together is a success? You’ll never throw a boring party again with this little secret. Are you ready?       

Give your guests something to do.

Yep! That’s it. And I’m not talking about party games (although those are fun too). The secret sauce to a guaranteed unforgettable party is an interactive element. Continue Reading

Our Daughter’s DIY Princess Party (Not in a Pack), Part II

DIY Rapunzel Party
Last week, I wrote about some of our inspiration and preparation for our daughter’s Rapunzel-themed birthday party. To recap, we wanted to give our four-year-old the party of her dreams without purchasing everything from a princess party pack. So, we enlisted the help of Pinterest and our Silhouette Cameo cutting machine and made it magical. Read on to see what we did.

Laying out our decorations in the Silhouette Studio program

Peeling the suns off the mat

We created sun buntings using our Silhouette, and purchased piles and piles of purple and yellow card stock to making buntings galore. Continue Reading

Planning a DIY Princess Party (Not in a Package)

A DIY Rapunzel Birthday Party
Our little girl is turning four next week, and we’re in full party planning mode. This year’s planning is especially interesting since we’re living in a house with no kitchen, and in various but consistent states of complete chaos. Nevertheless, it’s our four-year-old’s birthday, and there will be a rockin’ little kids’ birthday… in, um, an octogenarian par-tay room.

We’re inches away from starting the next phase on the Curbly House: an addition with a new a kitchen. Continue Reading

How To: Make a Festive DIY Confetti Tablecloth!

created at: 02/16/2012

Whether it’s because I’ve got a birthday coming up or I just live life like it’s a party, I’m totally feeling this colorful DIY project.  I mean, it’s a confetti tablecloth, y’all.  What’s not to like??   

I love this project as a quick way to spruce things up for a birthday party or just as a way to add a touch of playful color to your table.  It’s a simple technique that you could apply to more than a tablecloth, though.   Continue Reading

How To: Turn an Old Suitcase into a DIY Picnic Kit

With the April showers (hopefully) slowing down in the next few weeks, it’s time to head outside for May flowers, and May sunshine, and May gardening, and May bike rides, and, if you’re like me, May picnics!

Curbly reader Sibylle wrote in to share this amazing old suitcase transformation she just completed, by turning it into a reusable picnic kit, or a Birthday in a Box!   

She says, “Oh how I got lucky at my last treasure hunt 3 weeks ago! Continue Reading

An Over-the-Moon Birthday

Our daughter, Ayla, is crazy about the moon (does that make her a lunatic?); she talks about it all the time, and can spot it anywhere in the sky, day or night. Also (unbeknownst to us when we chose it), her name means ‘moon halo’ in Turkish. So when it came time for her second birthday party, we knew just the theme:

Moon decorations for a birthday party.

Alicia made these great moon decorations out of craft foam and tissue paper. Continue Reading

Roundup: Birthday Cakes for the Handyman or Woman

Today is MWT’s birthday, so I’m in the cake mood. Thought it was about time to do a roundup of sweets that would appeal to my #1 handyman. 

This first one is chocolate cake with raspberry filling. Mmm. The tools are made of fondant and the tape measure is a rice crispy treat!

Handyman Birthday

   Just how do you make fondant look like leather????

Tool Belt Groom's Cake - The Sugar Syndicate Chicago

Does Ian make Shaker boxes?? 

Peg board is awesome!

Husband's Birthday Cake

And for the brick layers…. Continue Reading

‘Happy Birthday’ Cake Mold

Forget the buttercream, this cake writes the message itself. Made of food grade silicone, the mold is heat proof up to 300 degrees. You might balk at the $32 price tag, but it’ll save you in icing and time. (Not to mention the aggravation when your pastry bag decides to blow a hole right in the middle of the ‘P’s’ and your cake is suddenly drenched in purple icing because your niece insisted on ‘the writing part’ be in purple to match her Princess Birthday Party Theme.) Continue Reading