5 Blogs To Help You Lead A Minimalist Lifestyle

5 must-read minimalist blogs

Every January, people across the globe make a goal of living a more simple and clutter-free life. We all have our take on being minimalist and how best to achieve it. Here are five minimalist blogs you should be reading to help you on your way!      


The Minimalists – Josh and Ryan write about what it means to really live a better life by freeing yourself from all the possessions and items that make us seem happy on the surface. Continue Reading

The Best Social Media Accounts for When You Need a Freaking Break

Best social media accounts for when you need a break

The news is generally disheartening. Work is stressful. Bills keep coming every month. My washing machine is making a weird sound. Life is rough, right? I need a break! Sometimes I just want to stare at my phone and enjoy myself for a minute. The problem is that scrolling through social media – a once relaxing and enjoyable experience – has turned into a version of hell all its own. Some accounts on Instagram are annoying. Continue Reading

8 Home Decor DIY Blogs to Follow

Inspired by this post that ran on Curbly earlier this year, a new column is kicking off today that will feature a handful of awesome blogs each month, in a specific category. There are so many blog out there to keep track of, so why not let us find the good ones for you? Starting today with 8 home decor DIY blogs to follow.    

1. Weekday CarnivalFavorite projects include this copper coatrack and the geometric wall. Continue Reading

Cleanliness is next to … impossible

It’s 8:03pm. I just finished getting my daughter, in all her awesome, hilarious, incomprehensible terrible-two-ness, bathed and to bed. Before that, I whipped up a dinner of questionable-vegetable lo-mein for the two of us (her mom was at yoga), while practically holding the child in one hand. Needless to say, the kitchen is a mess. 

The dining room is no better, especially in the places where Ayla decided she didn’t like cabbage and dribbled partially-chewed gobs of it on to the floor. Continue Reading

Unhappy Hipsters versus Catalog Living

created at: 07/15/2010

Okay, so yesterday I posted a link to this rather fun site called Catalog Living (example of a post pictured above). Fellow Curblier blondcee posted the following question in the comments:

So did this site copy http://unhappyhipsters.com/ or did unhappy hipsters copy Catalog Living?

A quick visit to Unhappy Hipsters proved startling. Let’s say it was deja vu all over again. Here’s a shot of a recent post on the site:

created at: 07/15/2010

A quick perusal of the sites’ archives suggest Unhappy Hipsters has been around about 6 months longer than Catalog Living. Continue Reading

ManMadeDIY.com – crafts and DIY for guys!

I’m happy to introduce the latest member of the Curbly family of sites: www.ManMadeDIY.com



ManMade comes from Curbly’s own Chris (Chrisjob) Gardner, who was tired of being told “guys can’t knit!”. It’s a blog that focuses on crafty, creative, artsy and authentic projects that guys (and gals) everywhere will love.

Here’s some of what he’s covered so far:

  1. Super Crispy Homemade Pizza!
  2. How To: Fused Plastic Belt
  3. Food of the Year: Fried Chicken
  4. Magnetic Coffee Sleeve
  5. Top Ten Most Useful Kitchen Tools

You can also hook up with ManMade on Facebook and Twitter:


Please help us spread the word about this awesome new site! Continue Reading