Before and After: How To Style a Bookshelf in Minutes

I have an inexpensive IKEA bookshelf that has been completely neglected since the day we moved into our new place, back in October. So, I thought it was about time I tackle this area and put together another style tips post. If your bookshelf looks anything like this one, read on for five simple steps to a perfectly styled bookcase in minutes.    

Here are five tips for styling your bookcase / bookshelf.

1. Fill it up. Continue Reading

Before and After: Emma’s Bold Living Room Makeover

This beige and basic living room went through quite the overhaul, complete with a custom made bookshelf and library ladder. The floor plan is still the same, but the overall vibe is completely different. You are going to want to see this one.    

Emma from A Beautiful Mess slowly transformed her tan-ish living room into this bold beauty. What do you think?

Dark walls usually aren’t my first choice, especially in a living room, but in this case, I think it’s perfect. Continue Reading

Yea or Nay: Spool Bookcase/Coffee Table

created at: 08/09/2011

We’ve had they yea or nay discussion about spool coffee tables before. That argument sort of ended in a toss up. Opinions ran from ‘garbage-in-the-living-room’ to ‘love it’. So, how about this version? Casters make it moveable. Dowels turn it into a bookcase. Yea or nay???

The image is from the September 2011 issue of Country Living, which is on news stands as of the writing of this post. It’s also available on Zinio. Continue Reading

A Tree Bookcase

Tree Bookshelf

This tree bookcase’s creator, Shawn Soh, was inspired by a memory of  folding pieces of paper and tucking them between the branches of a tree.The result is a steel, tree-shaped bookcase that I happen to adore. (The bird wall decal is a sweet touch.) For more information, visit Shawn’s website.


8 Ways to Customize Your Billy Bookcase.

050609-billybookcase.jpgTo celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Billy Bookcase system, Ikea is not only issuing a book, but a special grafitti-ish version covered in Shakespeare quotes. [Perhaps the source of the “Billy” name those thirty years ago?]

But the Swedish manufaktürer isn’t the only one gettin’ in on some customized Billy-ness. For year, decorators, DIYsters, and other Ikea Hackers have been given these classics some color and flair. The Guardian Online has created a collection here. Continue Reading

Ikea News: The Billy Bookcase Book.

Billy, the book

The Billy Case System, the world’s most sold bookshelves [I got four, how many do you?] is turning thirty this year. To celebrate? Ikea is releasing a book to celebrate its release: “Billy, 30 Jahre Jung.”

You don’t even need Swedish 101 to figure the title out, but if you have passed your intro to German courses, here’s some text from Stilsucht: “BILLY – das meistverkaufte Regal der Welt. 41 Millionen Stück sind bisher eingeladen, abtransportiert und aufgebaut worden. Continue Reading

DIY-able Suspended Shelving?


The designer of these shelves considered the lateral forces that affect the construction of a typical bookcase. He or she concluded that the majority of a standard bookcase’s structure was dedicated to resisting those lateral forces.


As an alternative to all that structural bulk, the maker decided to attach the back of the shelves to the wall and suspend their fronts from the ceiling via cable*, which solved the lateral forces conundrum. The prototype was made out of MDF and 3/16″ metal cable and came to about $35 in materials. Continue Reading