Make It: DIY Stylish Mountain Bookends

Make it: Sweet DIY mountain bookends for your little one's nursery

Now that I have a little one to care for, I’ve come to realize just how wonderful story time can be. Sharing books with Lauren is one of my favorite pastimes… especially the books that I used to read when I was a kid (those are my favorites!). Of course, with a well-stocked bookshelf comes the need for some nice bookends to hold everything in place. So I decided to whip up these pretties for bubba’s room, and they’re so easy to make, I just had to share these DIY mountain bookends with you too!               Continue Reading

What is Swedish Death Cleaning? The Art of Mindful Minimalism

Swedish Death Cleaning 101

I got a text the other day from my mom. She was asking me if I wanted a collection of magazines that she had held onto from my childhood (if you're curious, it was a collection of  Cricket magazines from the late 70s). Then I got another text — my mom had found an old photo that she wanted to share with me. Then four more texts came my way, each containing a picture or memory of something from the past. Continue Reading

The Only Three Home Organization Books You Need To Get Through this Year

Isn't it funny how you can open up Pinterest and get a sense of exactly what time of year it is? A month ago it was filled Christmas ornaments, gifts, decoration, and food selections. Literally, the day after New Years, you open it up and are filled with how you can lose ten pounds in the next two months or start the year organizing your life. In the area of organization, there are so many wonderful ideas and tips that I personally can get overwhelmed by it all. Continue Reading

Roundup: 10 Projects to Do With Thrifted Books…Besides Reading

If you’ve recently visited a thrift store you know there are always tons of books available. Here are ten projects that might make you want to grab a few the next time you go.   

 1. Thrifted books can become art on the cheap. See all the ways Emily A. Clark has turned books into art over on her blog. 


2. Find a colorful book or encyclopedia set to turn into wall paper. Continue Reading

Shopping Guide: The Best Design Books To Read By The Pool This Summer

Design Books To Read By The Pool This Summer

Take a break from the magazine when poolside this summer and replace them with one of these! A few of the best, a few of the new, and always informational, you’re sure to find a great read to fit your style!
Photo: Amazon

1. STYLED by Emily Henderson – If you love Target, or color, or beautiful furniture, you may be familiar with Emily Henderson and her beautiful talent for creating beautiful spaces. This is a must! Continue Reading

Gift Guide: 10 Father’s Day Gifts for the Avid Reader

Feature image description - should describe the post as well.

If the father in your life is an avid reader…Curbly has you covered. Here are ten Father’s Day gift ideas for the dad who loves to read.    


1. Easy ACC Solar 4 USB Port Solar Charger

This solar charger works with anything that has a USB port. He can take his iPad, Kindle, or any other e-reader, on his camping weekend or trip to the beach and read all he wants. He can call you too because his phone will be charged.

Continue Reading

10 Bookshelves And Libraries Arranged By Color

Over the years, there have been discussions about the pros and cons of color-coordinating your bookshelves. Some speculate that those who do this, don’t actually read, but use their books as decoration only. As it so happens, I’m totally for the rainbow shelving look. And I’m an avid reader. Here are ten beautiful displays of shelves beautifully-styled in rainbow fashion!  



 Each shelf a designated color! via SF Girl By Bay 


Space the shelves by alternating colored books with all white books.  Continue Reading

Shopping Guide: 10 Must-Have Books To Hone Your DIY Skills

Shopping Guide: 10 Must-Have Books To Hone Your DIY Skills

Sometimes it’s nice to hold an actual book in your hands, isn’t it? Especially when you’re doing something as creative as crafting. That’s why we’ve compiled a shopping guide with ten of our very favorite books that will help you kickstart your journey into the world of DIY projects. Read on to check ’em out!   

 Shopping Guide: 10 Must-Have Books To Hone Your DIY Skills

1. Knitting by Design by Emma Robertson – Learn some funky new knitting skills with this guide. $25

2. Happy Handmade Home by Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman – DIY projects to spice up your living space. Continue Reading

Roundup: 15 Amazing Home DIY Books That Will Actually Help You Improve Your Handiness

Roundup: 15 Amazing Home DIY Books That Will Actually Help You Improve Your Handiness

I have to admit that my library for home DIY repairs and projects is quite extensive. Books from helping fix appliances to how to make your own drapes, I’ve almost got them all. Here are a few of the handiest that I would suggest you keep on hand! (How many hand puns can we throw in this post?)



Roundup: 15 Amazing Home DIY Books That Will Actually Help You Improve Your Handiness

1. HomeMade Modern:Filled with 30 projects for those who like the modern DIY home! $17 on Amazon


Roundup: 15 Amazing Home DIY Books That Will Actually Help You Improve Your Handiness

2. Continue Reading

Emily Henderson’s New Book Is Out AND IT BELONGS IN YOUR LIBRARY (And on your coffee table)!

Styled by Emily Henderson

If you followed our Curbly House renovation over the last few years, you probably know the highlight was getting to work with designer and stylist, Emily Henderson, to makeover four rooms in our home in just five days. Trust me, just going vintage shopping with Emily is like a college-level course in design, styling, and good taste. Well, now Emily’s out with her very first book, Styled: Secrets for Arranging Rooms, from Tabletops to Bookshelves, and it is absolutely spectacular (we got our hands on one a little early and have already read it cover to cover). Continue Reading