How To: Make Large-Scale Botanical Prints On The Cheap

diy botanical prints
Photo: Jared Smith

You don’t need to spend an arm and a leg for fancy art. And if you go the DIY route, you don’t need to spend a ridiculous amount of time or effort. These botanical prints look like they couldn’t be easier to make!      


diy botanical prints
Photo: Jared Smith 

It’s as simple as taking a photo with your phone! See the full how-to with more pictures of this lovely and simple Easter party over on Paper & Stitch! Continue Reading

Guess The Knockoff! (And then Make One)

created at: 07/07/2011

created at: 07/07/2011

Knock offs are great, aren’t they? I’ve noticed, however, they usually go one of two ways. 1. They look just as good as the original or 2. they look almost as good as the original. In this case, I think the knock off looks BETTER than the original, (a print at World Market $129). Now, can you guess which is the original? Take a look at the knock off in situ:   

Painting for the non-artsy 008

The Two Girls used round sponge brushes to make the blossoms. Continue Reading

Curbly Video Podcast: Graffiti Leaves

created on: 05/02/08

This is a really quick, easy and inexpensive way to create images pretty enough for framing.

The props:

  • Acrylic craft paint (I used a luscious turquoise)
  • White acrylic spray paint
  • A paint brush
  • Something to serve as a canvas like a piece of plywood or MDF
  • Several leaves from an indoor or outdoor plant (for the picture above, I used silk leaves purchased at my local craft store

The procedure:

  • Paint your ‘canvas’ with a coat or two of the craft paint.
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