How To: Make Easy Modern DIY Concrete Pendant Lights

created at: 03/13/2013

Concrete table lamps, concrete stools, and now concrete pendant lights: I am clearly obsessed with new uses for this inexpensive material!     

This project has everything from good looks to affordability to upcycled/recycled materials! If all that wasn’t enough, it’s also super easy and will only take a single afternoon (about 2 hours) to complete. SIGN. ME. UP.

Ben from HomeMade Modern has all the details and steps for making your own — check it out! Continue Reading

How To: Upcycled Wine Bottle Vases.

A few weeks ago, these brilliant wine bottle vases designed by Erik Anderson made their way around the craft and style web world. But this time of year, we’re not apt to spending much time outside, and then wind isn’t apt to let you keep ’em lit.


So, check out this translation from Lindsay and Taylor from purr design – “We loved the idea of reusing old wine bottles, and thought a reinterpretation of the Erik’s recycled wine bottle torches, adapted for indoor use, would be perfect for the space. Continue Reading

DIY: Wine Bottle Light.

wine bottle light

With string lights readily available everywhere from 6-week only holiday emporiums to the corner gas station, grab a few to create this deceptively simple but elegant wine bottle light. The trick lies in the technology – a 1/2″ drill bit made for drilling into glass, and, of course, the proper safety gear, just in case.

From Wit and Whistle:

“This past spring Daniel and I went on a road trip from San Francisco to the Grand Canyon. Continue Reading

How To: Van Gogh on a Bottle.


Seeking to repurpose a used wine bottle and reapply the skills she learned in college, Monica Ewing sought to recreate a classic impressionist painting on her unlikely surface. “It was the perfect assignment for a novice painter such as me. On a wine bottle, you can’t see the entire painting at once, so mistakes in proportion, etc. are obscured. Here, I copied one of my favorite Vincent van Gogh works: Wheat Field with Cypresses.” Continue Reading

Another Recycled Plastic Bottle Lamp.

The Howell sisters of THIS Gallery have created a unique entry into the drinkware/light category: THIS LIGHT is created from 50ish plastic beverage bottles, hardened with a fusion process that makes the lamp more durable and look, well, less like a buncha plastic beverage bottles. And if you send them three cases of plastic bottles, they’ll knock a hundo off the price tag.

From Inhabitat.

Craft Quickie: Bottle Necklaces

Here’s a fun and fast way to dress up bottles.

What you need:

Chain. I found 100 inches of silver chain at my local craft store for about $3.50.

Jump rings. I used the larger, 1/4″ size.

Beads and/or charms.

A small side cutter.

What you do:

Cut a length of chain with the side cutter. The length will depend on the height and girth of your bottle. Just drape the chain around the bottle’s neck to determine the size. Continue Reading