Look For Less: Recreating Your Favorite Eclectic Rooms On A Budget

Eclectic style is defined by interiors with not only varied styles, but also a variety of eras, color palettes, and textures. It is a style where the goal is to look “collected” over time. An eclectic space can have more “splurges” for higher end pieces because the cost of the space is spread out over time…sometimes years. Today I’m going to recreate budget friendly versions of some of my favorite eclectic spaces to show you that these rooms can be accomplished affordably.    Continue Reading

Before & After: A Mod Ottoman Makeover!

created at: 04/09/2012

This little vintage ottoman had great bones and a charming profile, but its beige-y blahness just wasn’t cutting it. That’s nothing a fab shower curtain couldn’t fix, though! Yes, I said “shower curtain”. Read on!   



created at: 04/09/2012

This may be one of the most clever and budget-friendly ideas ever! Jill Browning kept the costs low and the style high by reupholstering this ottoman with a boldly patterned shower curtain from Target. Genius, right?? Check out more right here! Continue Reading

Roundup: 10 Inspiring Budget-Friendly Bedroom Makeovers!

created at: 02/13/2012

Sure, you can toss thousands of dollars at a bedroom makeover and it’ll probably look pretty great.  But today we’re celebrating the unique creativity of DIYers who make their spaces look like a million bucks on a budget.  Check out our ten favorite budget-friendly bedroom makeovers from the Curbly archives–they’re full of thrifty inspiration and clever DIY projects!   


created at: 02/13/2012

1. This kid’s bedroom went from drab to fab for under $100 thanks to lots of DIY improvements! Continue Reading

Best of Curbly: Top Ten Bathroom Makeovers of 2011!

created at: 12/21/2011

From low-budget, quick-fixes to full blown renovations, we’re counting down our top ten bathroom makeovers of 2011.  Check out our picks below and let us know which memorable makeover is your favorite!   


created at: 12/21/2011

10. A little bit of paint, new hardware, and a framed mirror will have your bathroom looking like new by the end of a weekend.  See more here.

created at: 12/21/2011

9. This rundown bath got an inexpensive makeover with some paint and a new faucet!   Continue Reading

Make It: A Simple Wool Blanket Window Shade!

created at: 10/03/2011

It’s time to cozy up for fall!  Turn wool blankets into repurposed window shades in a few easy steps–then sit back and bask in the warmth of your handiwork!  


By using Army surplus blankets, which hover around $15-$20, you can get a great looking window shade at an even better cost.  Matt Pierce from Wood&Faulk shares this simple DIY project on ReadyMade, so head over for the full tutorial!

Meanwhile, can you think of any other great ways to repurpose wool blankets?   Continue Reading

How To: Make a Natural Moss Wreath From Dollar Store Finds!

created at: 09/27/2011

This oversized moss wreath sure is a doozy, don’t you think?  It’ll blow your mind even more when you find out what the $1 wreath form is made out of… Care to wager a guess?  


Karen Bertelsen, whose many budget-friendly projects we’ve featured in the past (globe feeders, fire pits, and hanging lanterns–oh my!), recently took on the challenge to create a stunning nature-inspired wreath solely from dollar store finds.  The real kicker is the oversized wreath form she made herself… wait for it… from a $1 pool noodle.   Continue Reading

How To: Make Your Own Picture Frames for $5 a Pop!

created at: 09/20/2011

I love art, lovelovelove it.  If I could cover all my walls and even the back of my eyelids in art, I would.  Instead, I have an ever-growing stack of prints and drawings that aren't seeing the light of day.  Why??  Because framing those bad boys is EXPENSIVE.  So, when I spotted this simple DIY framing solution that brings the price to around $5 a piece, I kid you not, I could hear my stack of art rejoicing.   Continue Reading

Make It: A Colorful DIY Ruffle Pendant Light – For Cheap!

created at: 09/06/2011

Colors, glorious colors, oh how I love you!  I especially love when you show up in unexpected places and blow my mind with your brilliance.  Because seriously, what you’re doing for this DIY pendant light is OUT. OF. CONTROL.  

The fantastic Ms. Michaela from Bliss! put her crafty skills to good use for this gorgeous DIY pendant light.  The materials for this super, super easy project are readily available and totally inexpensive.  Also?  Michaela says this project only takes about 15 minutes.   Continue Reading

Before & After: A Bathroom Makeover for Under $25!

created at: 09/04/2011

In a world where $40,000 kitchen renovations are common fodder for home improvement television, it’s easy to get a little glossy eyed and discouraged by the thought of attempting your own home improvement project.  But don’t despair!  We’re here to show you just how far your dollar, or 25, can stretch!  


created at: 09/04/2011

Gloria Fox, the blogger and frugal mind behind Potentially Beautiful, had had enough of the pea green floors and bland white walls in her half bath.   Continue Reading