Make a Stylish X-Base Office Desk

created at: 01/19/2011

Created to use as a dining table, wouldn’t this make quite the design statement as your home office desk? Up until now, the DIY ones I’ve seen aren’t quite up to snuff. Knock Off Decor just featured this one yesterday with a link to the tutorial. Jaymie from Pickled Images shared the process of converting felled trees from her property into a chunky, high style X-Base Dining Table. This table was the inspiration for her own table, available for a mere $2400 from Toronto’s Style Garage. Continue Reading

DIY Toy Kit for Adults

This DIY gift is sure to keep you and your tinkering-hungry significant-other busy during these cold, gray winter days. Not exclusively an adult gift, the box full of three simple building elements will also send a volt through the young tinkerer’s creative wiring.  What you build is entirely up to you. That’s a beautiful thing.

“makedo is a connector system that enables materials including cardboard, plastic and fabric to easily join together to form new objects or structures. Continue Reading

How To Build Sawhorses

Next time you see sawhorses in a shop, don’t take them for granted. It takes more than a little effort to build a pair if you’ve never done it before. I’ve tried the store-bought kind. They don’t hold a candle to custom sized, good old fashioned handmade wooden sawhorses.  Even if you’re just dabbling in some carpentry projects, you need a good pair of these handy helpers. This is my first attempt at constructing these. Guess what? Continue Reading

How To: Create a Rustic Farmhouse Dining Table from an Inexpensive, New Table

It’s true, you can get three years of a weathered wood look in 24-36 hours. There’s a secret method for turning fresh, new wood into gray-ish, weathered looking planks, and it’s “green” to boot. I learned about it 10 minutes ago and am flabbergasted!

Over at The Little Red House I saw how they hacked a horrifically generic Target table into a rich, rustic looking farmhouse table. The biggest hurdle: turning new planks of wood into authentically old-looking planks to attach to the table base. Continue Reading

How To Keep Order in Your Workshop

Mr. Mod is right. It’s not getting organized that’s the problem, it’s maintaining it that’s the hard part.  I’ll go a step further and say that if you have a system that makes sense to you, it’s much easier to keep the mess in check. I’m always struggling with the challenge of keeping order in my shop, so this will be printed and posted on my over-cluttered inspiration board. According to DIY Life, there are six obvious categories that need to be  organized to eliminate frustration. Continue Reading

Build Your Pooch a Stretch and Screw Canvas Cot

Our itchy, smelly, terrier mutt Chip is having all sorts of skin issues in this hot weather. Even with his new crew cut and gourmet baths, sometimes he just wreaks and the fabric covered pillow bed I made him isn’t smelling so fresh either. So, I’m liking MonkeyBoy 13′s easy, breezy dog cot made out of PVC pipe and canvas. Chip could lounge up off the ground, air moving all around him, plus enjoy the comfort of the sling-like cot. Continue Reading

Build a Tetris Bookshelf


Odecom5 gets my vote for Dad of the Year. It sounds like he was able to ‘help’ his son with this school project and end up with their relationship intact after this complicated  build; not a small feat. His son even had a broken arm during the project which may have worked out better for both of them.

I would have been proud of this section alone.


You and I both know that Dad did have all the fun, but the father-son bonding project had to be well worth a few days of frenzied parental competitiveness. Continue Reading

The 1915 Book of DIY Everything


Back in 1915, Myron G. Burton made his claim to fame by writing a book entitled, Shop Projects Based on Community Problems. It’s only appropriate that we’re recycling these old, but good, simple plans for just about everything. You may not need a seed corn rack or a feed scoop, but everyone can use a necktie rack, broom holder, and a box kite.  My favorites are the fly trap, camp stool, and flower trellis, although there are so many plans and projects in this one book, I’m going to have to hunt it down. Continue Reading

Things to Make with Leftover Chopsticks

created at: 05/14/2010

It’s not a big surprise to see chopsticks used to make obvious items like placemats, trivets, earrings, even a dress, but this was a surprise. A former city employee of the Japanese town of Koriyama collected thousands of used, disposable chopsticks from the city hall cafeteria and crafted a 4 foot long canoe.It took him 3 months, 7382 chopsticks and polyester resin. He’s trying it out this month. Read more.

created at: 05/14/2010

Sea urchin lamps by Continue Reading

Create Professional Design Elements Using Stock Wood Molding

created at: 04/06/2010

Stock wood trim is one of the best kept secrets at the home improvement store. If you’ve seen the choices of wood molding available but you don’t really know how you can use it, check out these design and architectural elements for some DIY inspiration. All you’ll need to get started is an inexpensive miter box, some wood glue, nails and a tape measure.

created at: 04/06/2010

created at: 04/06/2010

created at: 04/06/2010

created at: 04/06/2010

Better Homes & Garden’s DIY site has more great design ideas for you to consider. Continue Reading