Can You Gift It? Canning Gifts to Give in Bulk This Holiday Season

Canned gifts to give in bulk this holiday season

A lot of holiday seasons go by where I am totally and utterly irresponsible with my spending habits. I think, “It's Christmas! I can spend as much money as I need to on presents. It's called the Season of Giving for a reason!” This mindset always comes back to bite me in January, because while it is fun to go shopping for gifts, it's not fiscally smart to blow your whole bank account. This year, I've decided to be more thoughtful in my gifting, while also trying to save money. Continue Reading

Find Extra Storage Space for Bulk Items.

A few weeks ago, we won a one-year membership to a discount club at a charity event. (Thankfully, not the one owned by WalMart.) So, to be appreciative of our 'luck', we redeemed the membership, got some fancy photo IDs, and made a few purchases. With only two people in our home, we haven't much use for perishable products, like a five gallon jug of mayonnaise or a gross of Bubbletape, but we did pick up some paper products, cause there's nothing worse than not having paper towels (or toilet paper) during an emergency. Continue Reading