IKEA Hack: Turn an Inexpensive Cabinet into a Rolling Kitchen Workspace

IKEA IVAR cabinet, hacked
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For a while now, I've been trying to figure out how to make the kitchen in my apartment more user-friendly. It's tiny house small. It's a classic galley, only instead of countertops and cupboards flanking both sides of a narrow passage, everything is shoved on one side, facing a blank wall. Because the rental kitchen is so narrow, it hasn't made much sense to put anything on the adjacent wall, save for a trash can and recycling bin. Continue Reading

How To: Make a Stylish Herringbone Cabinet from Upcycled Flooring Scraps

I stopped dead in my Internet-browsing-tracks when I saw this DIY cabinet on ManMade. I mean, c’mon! A solid-wood, Herringbone-patterned storage cabinet made from leftover flooring?! AWESOME.      

I’d probably change the handles, but other than that, this project is pure perfection. Check out ManMade for the full, detail-rich tutorial plus a giveaway!

Make Your Own Colorful Bathroom Cube Cabinets!

created at: 09/20/2011

If storage is at a premium, consider making your own vertical bathroom cubbies!  Also, did I mention that they swivel??  Totally sold on the swiveling.  


This photo-packed tutorial comes to us via Fresh Home Ideas and has detailed steps to ensure that even novice DIYers will walk away with a success!  It’ll take about one full weekend to complete, but that’s peanuts compared to the awesome swiveling bathroom cabinet you’ll have for, well, life.  Maybe.  At the very least a really long time. Continue Reading

Kitchen Cabinet & Countertop Makeover Madness (Tutorials Included!)

created at: 08/09/2011

This month we at the Curb honor the almighty kitchen. Why the adoration? Because, besides oftentimes making or breaking a real estate transaction, they are also the heart of the home. They deserve special attention and, yes, some investment on our parts. Investment, however, doesn’t have to mean expensive. Oh, no, no, no. In this jam-packed cabinet and countertop makeover roundup, the budgets are super small but the impact is super big! (Befores to the left; afters on the right where applicable.) Continue Reading

IKEA Hack: Angie’s DIY Rustic Modern Entertainment Center Created from…Kitchen Cabinets!

Curbly reader Angie and her guy, Randy, just completed this amazing handmade Scandanavian-inspired media unit. She says, “When we completed our basement, we were in need of an entertainment center. We shopped around and looked at everything out there and we just couldn’t find anything we really liked. I also found that the average entertainment center didn’t have enough depth for the important part of the the entertainment center, really nice audio components. 🙂 From looking around, we determined that we liked the look of the low profile entertainment centers with wall mounted TVs…so we set out to build one. Continue Reading

Hardware: Locating Hot Knobs and Pretting Pulls.

“What’s the perfect way to spruce up cabinetry and furniture? Knobs and
pulls, baby! Terrific hardware is where [it is],, especially if you’re
in the mood for a fast, inexpensive way to breathe new life into a
tired piece.” So begins Decor8’s Holly Becker on the vast world of cabinet knobs and pulls. Her article for Real Simple details some of the resources for both new and vintage hardware, as well as matching to the piece. Continue Reading

Stairway to….nowhere?

What do you get when you cross a staircase with a cabinet and a room divider? A Green Tea Design step chest. According to the website, they are adaptable in that “each step chest is really three pieces, so you can play around with different configurations as the need or mood takes you.” Green Tea also allows you to pick your stain and hardware too.

No entryway in your home? Plop one of these down next to the front door and not only will you have an automatic ‘foyer’ but an entertainment center as well. Continue Reading