Cakes Made with Cricut Cake

Paper crafters know what a Cricut is, but for those of you who don’t know what it is, it’s a home electronic die-cutting machine that cuts paper in countless shapes to be used for card making and scrap-booking. When the company that makes it came out with something called the Cricut Cake ($218), Cricut junkies everywhere gasped. A personal die-cutting machine for fondant and gum paste?? Amazing.        

Now, I’m not in the market for a CC, but I do linger over their display at the craft store, wondering just what kinds of marvelous things these babies could produce. Continue Reading

Roundup: Birthday Cakes for the Handyman or Woman

Today is MWT’s birthday, so I’m in the cake mood. Thought it was about time to do a roundup of sweets that would appeal to my #1 handyman. 

This first one is chocolate cake with raspberry filling. Mmm. The tools are made of fondant and the tape measure is a rice crispy treat!

Handyman Birthday

   Just how do you make fondant look like leather????

Tool Belt Groom's Cake - The Sugar Syndicate Chicago

Does Ian make Shaker boxes?? 

Peg board is awesome!

Husband's Birthday Cake

And for the brick layers…. Continue Reading

Misspelled Cakes

“Your an idiot!” “Moroon!” We’ve all seen these unfortunate spellings in blog comments. They always make me chuckle, because, seriously, if you’re going to call somebody a moron, at least spell the words right. And if you’re going to celebrate someone’s achievement with a cake, the sentiment on the cake should also be spelled correctly. Case in point, these classic missteps courtesy of Cake Wrecks.

“Can you spell ‘redundancy’ teacher?” Also, teacher’s #1 what? Or is the teacher #1? Continue Reading