Ready, Aim, Fire! How to Stock a Campfire Box

Roaring campfire
Photo: Amber Dickson

Whether at the beach, the woods, or your own backyard, a campfire is a guaranteed way to relax and enjoy your favorite people.  Take a little time to stock a campfire box with a few of the following fire-starting supplies.  It will make lighting a campfire quick and easy and therefore more likely to happen. Your future (smoke-scented) self will thank you.         


Materials needed for this project
Photo: Amber Dickson

1.  Newsprint

If you still receive your news in print, stash a stack in your box.  Continue Reading

No Campfire? No Problem! Make a Portable S’mores Fire Pot

No Campfire? No Problem! Make a Portable S'mores Fire Pot

I grew up as a Girl Scout and did my fair share of camping, and the s'mores were always my favorite part. Even as an adult, I would toast s'mores on my gas stove, but sadly my current home has an electric stove, leaving me without a makeshift campire to make s'mores. Rather than letting that stop me, I made this portable s'mores fire pot with Sterno ethanol gel canisters and a planter pot! 

 This is an incredibly easy project to whip up with a pot and rocks, but it's the perfect way to enjoy homemade s'mores with the same feeling of a campfire. Continue Reading

How To Make Fire w/o a Lighter or Matches

created at: 2009-08-10

Photo Image: Viking Campsite

Searching for an origami project led me to the following tutorial on YouTube by 5 Minute Studio. Let’s just say you’re stranded somewhere without a lighter or matches

but you, for some reason, have some fine steel wool and a battery, no worries. This acturally looks  easier than using a lighter or matches to get your cozy fire started, especially if it’s windy. Great trick to impress your camping buddies.

Miniature Campfire

Pining for the ambiance of crackling logs and toasted marshmallows but miles away from a suitable spot for a conflagration? The Campfire Tea Light Holder by David Weeks might just be the answer to your problem. At $15.95, the 4.5 x 4.5 x 2.5″ tea light holder comes with removable ‘firewood’ and an LED tea light. And if all these features don’t sway a potential buyer, a video clip of the tea light holder in use just might! Continue Reading