Modern Industrial DIY: How to Make Concrete Soy Candles

DIY Concrete Candles

As I’ve grown older, I’ve learned to love burning candles at home. I now enjoy buying seasonal scents in pretty containers, and I’ve learned to love making my own candles. With industrial-style accents becoming increasingly popular, I made a set of concrete soy candles with beautiful wood wicks using rose, one of my favorite scents.


DIY Concrete Candles

Candles can be quite easy to make if you use traditional kitchen items like pots and spoons, or you can invest in high quality candle making materials like a metal candle pitcher and wick holder. Continue Reading

Decorate Your Home with Cozy Holiday Luminaries

DIY holiday luminaries made from an aluminum sheet and thread
In partnership with the Home Depot

Wintertime is in full swing here in Minnesota. Early in the week we experienced a few rounds of snow and ice, resulting in the outdoors being treacherous and uninviting. While I definitely have holiday-related errands to run this weekend, staying off the roads and keeping indoors is pretty tempting. I’m a homebody for certain, and I’ve learned how to keep the stir-crazies away during these colder months. Part of staying sane while being stuck inside has to do with how you light your home. Continue Reading

11 Scandinavian Lighting Tricks to Add a Cozy Glow to Your Home

11 Scandinavian Lighting Tricks to Make Your Home Feel Cozy

Scandinavian designers have a distinctive way of lighting their interiors. This unique lighting method emphasizes a sense of warm coziness. They light interiors to create a pleasant atmosphere, not just to be able to see clearly. Light and shadow are equally important elements, as they contribute to a feeling of warmth and naturalness. By follow a few of these easy tips, you can recreate that cozy Scandinavian lighting effect in your own home.           

11 Scandinavian Lighting Tricks to Fill Your Home With Hygge | Use lots of candles!

Candles, Candles and More Candles

It cannot be said enough that people in the Nordic countries love lighting candles. Continue Reading

10 Ways To Make Your Home Smell Like Christmas

10 Ways To Make Your Home Smell Like Christmas
Photo: Curbly

Science has shown that our sense of smell is strongly tied to memory and emotion, so creating a beautifully scented home is sure to get you in the holiday spirit. Today we’re sharing ten ways to give your house that Christmas aroma, using things like simmering stovetop mixtures, candles and even scented pinecones. Read on to check them out!   



10 Ways To Make Your Home Smell Like Christmas
Photo: Going Home To Roost

1. This cinnamon scented candle is sure to get you in the Christmas spirit. Continue Reading

DIY Scentsational (Sorry) Ways To Make Your Home Smell Like Fall In A Natural Way

DIY Scentsational (Sorry) Ways To Make Your Home Smell Like Fall In A Natural Way

It’s a bit of an unspoken rule that our homes should smell delicious during the fall and winter. You’ve gotta have those berries. You should smell the pumpkin. We’ve rounded up a handful of ways that you can bring that scent right into your home and enjoy it all season long! 



1. DIY pumpkin spice candle via A Cultivated Nest

2. Pumpkin bath bombs via The Casual Craftlete 

DIY Scentsational (Sorry) Ways To Make Your Home Smell Like Fall In A Natural Way
Photo: ExSloth

3. Continue Reading

How to: Make DIY Colorful Holiday Votive Candles with Hot Glue!

I came up with this idea one night while watching Project Runway. Designer Justin LeBlanc created a hot glue embellished dress, and I wanted to turn that technique into a decorative holiday project for the home. The process was super simple, super affordable, and I totally love how they turned out. Let’s make some!


The great thing about this project is that the list of materials is really quite short. Here’s what you’ll need:


  • A clear glass vase* 
  • A hot glue gun with lots of extra glue
  • Spray paint
  • Vegetable oil spray
  • A votive or small candle

*The vase should be one uniform width all the way up so you can easily slip the glue layer off of the vase and back on. Continue Reading

Another (DIY) Use for Pumpkins this Season

Pumpkins aren’t just for carving this year, and they don’t have to be destined for the trash after Halloween is over. Here’s a DIY use for pumpkins that makes them usable long after Halloween is over and actually makes them functional as well.    

Steph from Henry Happened made these useful pumpkin candles that can be used for Halloween parties, fall gatherings, and even the Thanksgiving season.

For the full tutorial and more photos, visit Henry Happened. Continue Reading

Make It: Create Fall-Tastic Candles From Apples

I love the versatility of the apple. Whether you eat it fresh, baked, pureed, or smothered in caramel, it’s a wonderful thing. Did you know you can craft with apples too?!      

 Say “hello” to the apple candle. These are just perfect for your autumn mantle decor or used as a centerpiece. Liz from Say Yes To Hoboken shares how to quickly make a few (or a bunch!) of your own! Visit Say Yes To Hoboken for the full tutorial! Continue Reading

How to: Make a DIY Modern Wooden Menorah

A few weeks ago, our editor, Chris Gardner, posted a sweet woodworking tutorial over on our ‘brother’ site, ManMadeDIY. In it, he explained the steps he took to make a beautiful hardwood modern menorah. If you’re in the market for a new one for Hanukkah this year, or you’re not Jewish but you just want a candle-holder with room for nine lights, then I suggest you check it out. Chris shipped us the finished product, and we were thrilled to put it good use right away. Continue Reading

The “Does It Work?” Challenge: Prevent Wax from Sticking with Cooking Spray

created at: 03/12/2012

March is cleaning and organization month on Curbly and I am testing out some housekeeping subs and shortcuts to see if they really work. Monday I tried cleaning glass with newspaper and coffee filters. Yesterday I gave polishing silver with baking soda a whirl. Today, I see if cooking spray will prevent melted wax from sticking to candleholders. Think it’ll work? Read on to find out…
First I gave my glass candleholder a quick spray from several inches away.
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