You’re Never Too Old to Make a Flower Press

Make this DIY flower press from wood and bolts

I received my first flower press when I turned nine years old – maybe eight? The point is it was forever ago. I got it as a birthday gift from my best friend. The flower press came with a small instructional booklet on how to collect and preserve colorful wildflowers. On the front of the press was an illustration of Anne of Green Gables, happily picking florals and putting them into a giant basket. I still have that flower press, all these years later, with flowers wedged between the pages that are as old as the press itself. Continue Reading

Colorful Cardboard Bird Costume DIY for Halloween

Photo: Brittni Mehlhoff

Using some leftover cardboard from yesterday's DIY popsicle costume, I made a super colorful bird costume that both adults and kids can enjoy. You may need your sunglasses for this one though because it's pretty bright. Want to see how it turned out so you can make your own? Click through for the full DIY bird costume tutorial.


Photo: Amelia Tatnall


  • cardboard
  • colorful paper
  • scissors
  • hot glue
  • ribbon
  • boxcutter
  • marker
  • paint and paint brush (for mask)

How To:

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A Budget-Friendly DIY Popsicle Costume for Halloween

Photo: Amelia Tatnall

Halloween costumes can be a little daunting to plan out and DIY. And I’ll admit, I’ve skipped dressing up most years of my adult life, mostly because I just haven’t felt like making anything. But this year, I just so happen to have a giant stack of cardboard leftover from a move and couldn’t help but design a (budget-friendly) DIY Halloween costume to share.


Photo: Amelia Tatnall

Here’s how you can make a giant cardboard popsicle costume with household materials…


  • 2 large sheets of cardboard
  • paint (acrylic or house paint)
  • paint brush
  • pencil or marker
  • boxcutter or similar for cutting cardboard
  • hot glue gun
  • rope for shoulder straps

How To:

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DIY Ideas: 10 Clever Ways to Use Cardboard in Your Decor

I’m not sure how it happens, but cardboard boxes just seem to accumulate, don’t they? If you’re like me and hold on to them, you know “just in case”, here are 10 DIY decor ideas that will free up some of that precious storage space all that cardboard has been taking up!      


1. DIY Cardboard Cloud Bookshelf

2. DIY Cardboard Tube Wall Light

3. DIY Cardboard Catch-all Office Organizer

4. DIY Geometric Cardboard Wall Caddy

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Make It: DIY Pendant Lights from Cardboard

I love home decor recycling projects and this one is awesome. Turn a pile of cardboard into a modern pendant light in about an hour.    

Ashley from Sugar & Cloth made these minimal pendant lights from a few pieces of cardboard from the recycle bin and I love how they turned out. I cannot wait to try this project on my own.

For more photos and the full tutorial visit Sugar & Cloth.

Roundup: 12 Cool DIY Cardboard Playhouses and Toys for Kids

If you have a cardboard box hoarding problem (who doesn’t in the age of online shopping?), consider turning them into one of these kid-friendly playhouses or toys!      

DIY Cardboard Playhouses by A Beautiful Mess

DIY Cardboard Car by Ikat Bag

Cardboard Stick Animal DIY Kits by Flatout Frankie [via moodkids]

DIY Collapsible Cardboard Playhouse by SheKnows

DIY Cardboard Washing Machine by Estefi Machado

DIY Cardboard Rocket by Kate’s Creative Space

DIY Cardboard Dog House by Ikat Bag

Cardboard Airplanes by Melissa McFadden [via The Frosted Petticoat]

DIY Cardboard Oven by Ikat Bag

DIY Cardboard Playhouse by Maija Ukko

DIY Cardboard Castle by Christiane Lemieux

DIY Cardboard Mailbox by Ikat Bag

Need some tips on how to get started working with cardboard? Continue Reading

How To: Make a Modern DIY Tube Light

created at: 12/17/2012

This minimalist DIY light reminds me a little bit of the (much, much more expensive) Pipe Light by Tom Dixon. While his version is made from powder coated aluminum, this clever interpretation is crafted from — wait for it — a discarded cardboard poster tube!     

I have a bit of a, um, screen print buying problem, so I feel like cardboard tubes are always floating around my house somewhere. Typically, I throw them in our recycling bin, but I would much rather turn them into something awesome, like this lighting idea from Annaleena Leino. Continue Reading

Make It: A Modern DIY Cardboard Pendant Light

created at: 09/27/2012

Got a cardboard box? Awesome! Turn that sucker into a pendant light!     

It’s easy. All you need is a box (obvs), a box cutter (for slicin’ and dicin’), a light kit (cheap and readily available), and some spray paint (optional-ish). Once you’ve got all those basic supplies ready, check out how to piece it all together over on Poppytalk!

How to: Make Your Own Upcycled DIY Garden Weed Block

created at: 04/10/2012created at: 04/10/2012Nothing beats a DIY project made from free materials you were going to recycle anyway. Except for a DIY project made from free materials you were going to recycle anyway that prevents weeds from growing among your tasty veggies!   created at: 04/10/2012created at: 04/10/2012created at: 04/10/2012

created at: 04/10/2012

Following the above steps is a simple way to recycle old cereal boxes and newspapers, to help stop the weeds, instead of purchasing weed block cloth or garden cloth from your hardware store. What’s also nice about this option is the fact that the boxes break down into the soil over time feeding the plants that much more nutrients. Continue Reading