You’ll Want to Check Out these Free Printable Valetines Featuring Badass Women

Printable Valentines featuring strong women throughout history

Hello, and happy Valentine’s Day! Okay, it’s not quite the big day yet, but February 14th is just days away, and I’m totally ready to celebrate. Ever since the Christmas holiday ended, I’ve been itching for an excuse to decorate, party, craft – whatever! I wanted to make some cards featuring some of my favorite gals throughout history (some are good, some are bad!), and the captions kind of wrote themselves after that. Click through for these printable valentines!         Continue Reading

Roundup: 40 Father’s Day Cards and Printables

One Dapper Dad Fathers Day cards
Keep scrolling to download this free Father's Day card!

Some people call him “sir,” others “chief.” Still others see him as “hero,” as in “I never would have gotten [fill-in-the-blank] done without him.” Sure, he could be all of those things to you, too, but you're also the lucky duck who also gets to call him Dad.

That's how one Washington state woman felt about her pop, a Civil War veteran and widower who raised her and five brothers—so much so that she rallied for a day of officially recognized commemoration, and won it in 1910. Continue Reading

Skip the Store-Bought: Here are 25 Genuine Valentines for Your Sweetheart

The holiday of love is coming up, and you know how much we love a simple homemade gift! Since Valentine's Day can be a high-cost holiday, it's the perfect time to take the DIY route and gift cute printable valentines your sweetheart will really appreciate. Whether you're giving valentines to your S.O. or your friends, they'll appreciate the homemade touch. Plus, if I'm being honest, these 25 free printable valentines blow store-bought cards out of the water!  Continue Reading

71 Last-Minute Mother’s Day Printables

The ultimate roundup of free Mother's Day printables. We've got you covered with cards, prints, tags, and more!

Mother’s Day is just around the corner (it’s on Sunday the 14th – don’t forget!). If you’re anything like me, the holiday has crept up on you. There are so many different things to celebrate about our mamas (and grandmothers, spouses, and mother-figures), but what it ultimately comes down to is telling her you’re thankful for her. Whether that means making her breakfast, bringing her flowers, or sending her a note in the mail, these (free!) Continue Reading

Make It! Simple & Easy DIY Christmas Card Display

DIY Framed Web Christmas Card Holder

Can you believe how quickly December is flying by?! Before I knew it, Christmas cards started arriving in the mail and I realized I had nowhere to display them. In our small apartment, it can be difficult to find space, so I decided to utilize an existing frame on a table to make this DIY framed web card holder that would be easy to store away for next season or repurpose for other items.

 This project is very easy to put together with a few simple supplies, and you can upgrade it with colors that match the holiday season! Continue Reading

Gift Guide: 10 Sweet Valentine’s Day Cards for Ladies

created at: 01/31/2013

Show your leading lady just how much you care (or how refined your sense of humor is) with one of these clever Valentine’s Day cards. Carina from Crow and Canary rounds up 10 of her faves below — check it out!     


1. You Complete Me Card from Ashkahn

2. Donuts Card from Banquet Atelier & Workshop

created at: 01/31/2013


3. Made for Each Other Card from Natalie Eden

4. Be Mine Valentine Card from Parrot Design Studio

created at: 01/31/2013

5. Forever Card from Yellow Owl Workshop

6. Continue Reading

Gift Guide: 10 Awesome Valentine’s Day Cards for Guys

created at: 01/29/2013

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and, whether you’re making or giving gifts (or not!), a clever card always goes a long way! This year, we turn to our favorite stationery connoisseur, Carina of Crow and Canary, for her top ten Valentine’s Day cards for guys! Enjoy!      


1. Heart Beats Card from Art School Girl

2. Cold Black Heart Card from Paper Society Co.

created at: 01/29/2013

3. You’re a Hottie Card from Printerette Press

4. Hike Anywhere Card from Waterknot

created at: 01/29/2013

5. Continue Reading

9 Awesome Modern Valentine’s Day Cards for Men

created at: 02/01/2012

It’s February 1st, and so we figured it was about time to find this year’s most thoughtful and heartwarming greetings for Valentine’s Day. But, it’s now 2012, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find the best way to say “I love you” at the card store at the mall, or worse, the aisle at the supermarket. Times have changed, and there’s a whole world of stationery out there to help you share your warmest thoughts.

For help, we turned to our pal Carina Murray of Crow and Canary, an artisanal stationery firm based in Portland, Oregon.  Continue Reading

Roundup: 8 Paint Chip Holiday Card & Gift Tag Ideas

The very colorful nature of paint chips make them a perfect medium to make handmade Christmas cards.

The first example, pictured above, is a simple design using traditional Christmas colors along with a stamped message. Go here to see what else was used in its construction.

Although not technically very Christmas-y, in the appropriate colors these paint chip place cards will brighten any holiday table. See the tute at Itsy Bitsy Paper Blog.

Here’s another great and super simple place card idea from Rustic Wedding Chic. Continue Reading

MORE Easy Handmade Christmas Card Ideas

Stitched Christmas Cards

Our first post about easy, handmade Christmas Card Ideas (link) was a hit, so it seemed like a good time to infuse the Curbly coffers with even MORE easy handmade Christmas card ideas. 

I adore Fern’s stitched Christmas cards (pictured above), and even though they might look a little tricky, they aren’t. All you need is some blank cards (or cardstock), some pretty scrapbook papers and a sewing machine. Head on over to Craft Blog for all the details.     Continue Reading