How to Build a Cozy Radiator Cat Bed

From the new book, "DIY Projects for Cats & Dogs." A tutorial on how to make a radiator cat bed.

If you’re a cat owner, you know two things about kitties: #1, They like heights, and #2, they like warmth. I can always count on finding my own cat in a handful of different places around my apartment, including either right up against the radiator, or high up on my bedroom dresser. If your feline is anything like mine, she’d flip over a DIY radiator cat bed like this one.       

This project comes straight from the soon-to-be-published book DIY Projects for Cats & DogsContinue Reading

The Best Houseplants for You and Your Pets

The Best Houseplants for You and Your Pets

I’ve seen this phrase tumbling around on the internet for a while now: “Plant Lady is the New Cat Lady.” To that I say, why not both? I only say that because I am a die-hard cat lover who has recently discovered her love of indoor jungles. The good news is you can totally go crazy in both cat and plant departments – you just have to be smart about it. There are plenty of easily-accessible houseplants out there that are non-toxic to both cats and dogs.  Continue Reading

How to: Purrfectly Simple DIY Cat Bed

Make It! DIY Cat Bed

I love my cat. I’m not shy about admitting that (I even mention it in my bio). I’m also not ashamed to say I think she’s the best cat in the world. Her name is Donut, but I also refer to her as “Angel Face” or “Precious Baby Kitty” (which drives my fiancé crazy, I’m sure). The cat drinks filtered water and has a basket full of toys. She’s one of the more spoiled cats out there, and leads a pretty cushy life (as evidenced by this plushy DIY cat bed I made especially for her).           Continue Reading

Check Out These Amazingly Clever DIY Halloween Costumes for Your Dog or Cat

Check Out These Amazingly Clever DIY Halloween Costumes for Your Dog and Cat
Photo: Studio DIY

Halloween is right around the corner, which means that it's time to start thinking about costumes… and if you have a dog or a cat, then perhaps you're considering dressing them up too! Click through to check out ten of our favorite simple DIY costumes for your pet (or just to have a good laugh!).   


Check Out These Amazingly Clever DIY Halloween Costumes for Your Dog and Cat
Photo: HGTV

1. Give your dog or cat a professional look with this adorable business man costume. Here's the tutorial. Continue Reading

Roundup: 10 DIY Halloween Costumes For Your Pet

10 DIY Halloween Costumes For Your Pet

Halloween is just around the corner, and I realized that I didn’t have a costume lined up for my puggle Charlie. Turns out there are tons of great tutorials floating around the internet! Here are ten totally adorable last minute DIY pet costumes.   


10 DIY Halloween Costumes For Your Pet

1. Make (or buy) this cute dinosaur costume using this tutorial. [Photo: Martha Stewart]

2. I’m loving this bat costume… here are the instructions. (or buy it here!) [Photo: Small Home Big Start

10 DIY Halloween Costumes For Your Pet

3. Continue Reading

12 Fun and Easy DIY Pet Accessories: Toys, Leashes, Collars — and More!

It’s raining cats and dogs! Or, cat and dog accessories anyhow. Check out these easy DIY pet projects — most can be made in a single afternoon — and let us know which one your furry friend would fancy!      

1. DIY Catnip Toy

2. DIY Cat Scratch Pad

3. DIY No-Sew Dog Bow Tie

4. DIY Braided T-Shirt Tug Toy

5. DIY Dip-Dyed Rope Dog Leash

6. DIY Embroidered Felt Catnip Toys

7. DIY Cat Wand Toy

8. Continue Reading

How to: Easy DIY Paw Print Wall Art

Want to dedicate some wall space to your dog or cat? Not too keen on cheesy pet portraits? Well, I have just the answer for you – make a custom print using some non-toxic paint and your pet’s paw!       

The possibilities are endless with these prints… try using another color, or do multiple paw prints on one page if you have more than one furry friend. Head on over to Chic Sprinkles to find out how to make one.   Continue Reading

Roundup: 15 Furniture Turned Pet Bed Projects

Besides DIYing, DIYers love their pets. These 15 examples prove as much. From magical to minimal, from challenging to easy, there’s something for every decor and skill level. 

We’re starting of with this lovely entry from DIY Network in which a rather roomy  dresser was turned into the perfect spot for poochie. Click here to read how it was accomplished. 

Jorden turned a second-hand night stand into this snuggly pet bed.

Another side table, this time an awkward one, is a perfect place for Mr. Continue Reading

Roundup: 10 Simple Pet Toy Tutorials

My pup Charlie goes through toys quickly. And I mean really quickly. What can I say? The dog loves to play. So I’ve found that the best option is to make toys and games for him. Here are a few of my favorites, along with some great toys for your feline friends as well.   


1. Make a bell toy for your cat with these easy instructions. [Photo: Martha Stewart]

2. Place pieces of treats underneath tennis balls…. Continue Reading

Curbly Shopping Guide: 20 Cool Products for Pets!

June is kids and pets month here at Curbly which, as a self-proclaimed “Crazy Dog Lady” makes me really happy! While I love all animals and pets, today I’m focusing on the furry kind: cats and dogs. Check out my top ten picks for each and give your four-legged friends something to really bark (or purr) about!      

First up, dogs! I have two and, when I’m not sharing DIY ideas and home decor inspiration on Curbly, I’m geeking out about all things canine on Dog Milk. Continue Reading