The Internet’s Best Pet Halloween Costumes to Make and Buy

Halloween pet costume lion mane
Lion dog costume available here.

If you have pets who can and will wear pet Halloween costumes, you practically owe the rest of us that spectacle of cuteness. As a longtime cat owner, I am fully aware that costumes just aren’t practical for many pets, so please, do your duty and dress up your furry friend for the rest of us to enjoy (as long as they don’t mind, of course). Remember to post lots of pictures of your pet Halloween costumes!            Continue Reading

If You Make These DIY Cat Toys, You’ll Make Yours the Happiest Kitty on the Planet

How to make easy DIY cat toys
Image by Marlene Sauer

It's pretty clear by now that cats are taking over the world. From global Instagram cat celebrities, to cat cafes, to enough cat-themed accessories to clothe an army, our feline friends have us wrapped around their paws. My own cat, Jax, is no exception — he is definitely the boss in our household. Now he's even got me making DIY cat toys!           

Homemade cat toys

It's THE LOOK. You cat people know what I mean.  Continue Reading

9 Tips for an Amazing (or at Least Tolerable) Road Trip with Your Pet

Traveling with dogs and cats - 9 tips for a less stressful road trip

Pets. We love them, and sometimes when we’re traveling, we don’t want to leave them. Whether it’s because your boarding situation isn’t ideal, or you just can’t imagine going on a vacation without them, you want to make sure you and your dog (or cat!) are prepared for a pleasant and non-stressful road trip. I’ve hit the road a few times with this furry lady pictured here, and after a few hundred hours in the car together, we’ve learned a thing or two.  Continue Reading

How to Create an Indoor Garden Your Cat Will Love (Because She’s a Plant Lady, Too)

How to make an indoor garden for you feline friend

I was a junior in high school when my cat, Donut, came into my life. She was a rescue from the local ASPCA, and she’s been my ride-or-die ever since. Because I was young when I got her, I didn’t understand all of her needs. Over the last decade of us living together, the space that Donut takes up in my home grows larger and larger – because like any other living thing, she needs more than water and shelter to thrive. Continue Reading

I Spied on My Pets for a Week, and What I Found Out Was Hilarious

What exactly happens in your home while you're away? We're finding out...
This post is written in partnership with VTech 

Have you ever seen the movie The Secret Life of Pets? The plot is pretty much spelled out in the title, but the premise is this: Pets, when left to their own devices, lead very different lives than their owners think. They have different identities, different interests, and get into all sorts of dramatic situations. The movie is basically Toy Story, but with cats and dogs instead of toys.  Continue Reading

5 Quick Costumes You Can Put Together Using Cat Ears

5 Last Minute Costumes You Can Make Using Cat Ears

There are a handful of Halloween costumes are never going to go out of style. Year after year they make their appearances: witches, ghosts, Disney princesses, cats… Chances are if you've celebrated Halloween, you have some old props and costume pieces lying around. We're recycling the old and making something new with these five last minute costumes for cat lovers. Dig your old cat ears out from the bottom of your dresser drawer, and let's get prowlin'.        Continue Reading

Cat Tested; IKEA Approved

ikea cat

Recently, IKEA UK let loose 100 kitties inside their Wembley store. Why? Mostly just for fun, as I can tell. Although, they claim it was an ‘experiment’. Either way, it’ll surely cause some buzz.    

Watch the kitty hijinks below, and stay tuned through the end for some lovely kitties getting comfy courtesy of IKEA. 


How To Toilet Train Your Cats

created at: 05/11/2010

To put it mildly, I’m not a cat person. No offense to those who are, I just have a terrible memory of driving downtown with my mother to the Board of Health with a dead cat in a five gallon paint can after it bit my brother. It had to be tested for rabies. I didn’t see the dead cat, but I imagined it inside that can. Eeeeewwww!

created at: 05/11/2010

However, if you do love cats, you’ll love them even more if you don’t have to mess with a litter box ever again. Continue Reading