Before and After: A Celebrity Trailer Gets A Dramatic Makeover

Before and After: A Celebrity Trailer Gets A Dramatic Makeover
Photo: Domaine

I always imagine actors’ trailers to be beautiful inside. Well-designed and luxurious. Well this one certainly isn’t either of those things. But just wait until you see the dramatic makeover. Click through to see the new space and to find out who the trailer belongs to.   


Before and After: Celebrity Trailer Makeover
Photo: Domaine

The celebrity is Ellen Pompeo! The new space is a drastic improvement… while the original trailer had more of a utilitarian vibe, this new look is lighter, more glamorous, and feels much more welcoming. Continue Reading

A Peek Inside Gwyneth Paltrow’s Pad

I’m a sucker for getting a glimpse inside the homes of the rich and famous, so when I stumbled upon this post on The Lennoxx, I had to stop and gawk. Now, the article was written about a year ago, and the way celebs change residences, I can’t guarantee if Ms. Paltrow is still living in these Long Island diggs. Her style? Light and breezy, for the most part…

How about that chandelier?

“A” is for Apple. Continue Reading

For Sale: Jennifer Anniston’s Digs

An aerial shot of the Beverly Hills estate.

About a year ago, I posted pictures of Jennifer Aniston’s 9000 s.f., 1970’s Beverly Hills home called ‘Ohana.’. Well, if you have the hankering and the bucks, the place could be yours as Jen just listed the property for sale. The price tag is a weighty $42 mil. Where will Ms. Aniston’s move when it sells? Rumor is that she’s eyeing Manhattan’s West Village where she could nab a penthouse for a paltry $15 mil. Continue Reading

Celebrity Living Rooms: Why do we like to ogle them?

created at: 02/14/2011

Why do people like to peek inside the living spaces of the rich and famous? To see how the ‘other half’ live? To see if they are closet piggies? If it’s the latter and a camera crew shows up at their doors, you can bet that all evidence of piggy-dom is erased before one click of a shutter. Case in point: these 13 celebrity living rooms, all of which are perfect in their own way…at least based on the shout-out they receive from Elle Decor. Continue Reading

Desk-A-Day: Einstein’s Desk

You don’t have to understand the theory of relativity to know a creative workspace comes in many forms. And some of the most brilliant are also, well, messy:

Einstein's desk on the day he died

Here’s Einstein’s desk, photographed by LIFE’s Ralph Morse on the day the great physicist died (April 18, 1955). 

Einstein's desk

The point here, I think, is that a work space doesn’t have to be minimalist sparse and futuristic to be inspiring. For some people, a little clutter sparks the brain, and it’s got a cool aesthetic in its own right (in a weird way).  Continue Reading

Peek inside Jennifer Aniston’s Eco-Chic Diggs

jennifer aniston house279012 Jennifer Anistons New Eco Abode in Beverly Hills

When Jennifer Aniston got her hands on this 1970’s residence, she gave it the Curbly once-over taking it from drab to eco-fab. The 6 bedroom 7 bathroom home was fitted with a bunch of solar panels and a reflective metal roof, which was meant to set an example for eco-housing real estate. The environmental lesson continues to the garden; it consists of plants that can stand up to drought. As far as the 9,000 square feet of interior goes, it’s surprisingly cozy. Continue Reading

Peek Inside Julianne Moore’s NY Digs

west village townhouse

Actress Julianne Moore is a Curblier. Well, if she’s a member of our community, I’m not sure, but she’s certainly a Curbiler at heart. The proof is in her self-decorated West End townhouse, which is up for sale for a cool $11,995,000.

townhouse new york

Built in the late 1800’s, the 6 bedroom, 6 bathroom property has 5-stories, each dedicated (primarily) to a particular use. Garden level features a kitchen whose doors lead to a fully-landscaped garden; first floor has 2 parlors and foyer, 3rd is the master bedroom and spa bath; on the 4th, you can find the children’s rooms and on the 5th another bedroom, media room/bedroom and gallery…and another kitchen of the ‘ette’ variety.  Continue Reading

For Sale: Lance Armstrong’s Texas Ranch

celebrity home

We all know you can tell a lot about a person by the way he or she chooses to decorate his or her house. What Lance Armstrong’s house suggests is that he’s the kind of person who likes order and doesn’t tolerate b.s. It also suggests that he appreciates luxury of the masculine sort. I wonder if the furnishings are included in the price tag…which was just reduced to 10.5 million.

celebrity home lance armstrong

Other tidbits of information you might like to know: The house is located in Dripping Springs, TX. Continue Reading