Mid Century Modern Makeover: Upholstered Seats

created on: 07/04/08

Finally, the last step of this project – the seats.  The snaps and the backs were more entailed, these  are standard, boxed, no cord, with top stitching. 

Take apart the seat tops and boxing, lay it out on your new fabric and cut out the pieces. 

1.  Check out the condition of the foam.  If it has become compressed, try using a steamer to refresh the old foam.  This foam bounced right back.

created on: 07/04/08

2.  Mark the center points on front and back of the boxing and cushion top.   Continue Reading

Mid Century Modern Makeover: The Back Cushions

created on: 07/03/08

Making the back cushions was the only complicated part of this project.  Once I figured out the length of the tabs and how to set the snaps, it was a breeze.

1. The first thing I did was take apart the old back cushion and trace it on the new fabric.

created on: 07/03/08

created on: 07/03/08

2.  Make the snap tabs using the old pattern.

created on: 07/03/08

3.  Cut bias strip 1 3/4″ wide for welt cord.  See my welt cord tutorial. Continue Reading

DIY:Ten Minute Snap Workshop

created on: 07/02/08

You thought the DIY: Ten Minute Grommet Workshop was easy, this makes that look like Rocket Science. Oftentimes you’ll come across something that needs a snap added or replaced.  Snaps are…well, a snap.  A snap tool and components are available at fabric stores and they are work fine. 

The only trick here is to remember which parts go where.  For simplicity sake, I will call the top of the snap Top A and its connecting piece Top B.  Continue Reading

DIY: Mid Century Modern Makeover

created on: 07/01/08

If this modern chrome upholstered combo was mine, I know just where I’d put it.  Well, it isn’t.  I did do a makeover on it for a friend and a mid century aficionado.  She used to own the most unbelieveable little store called ModPod.  Now she makes handmade, modern, clay pet urns for the cremains of beloved pets. 

This makeover has a few components which I’ll cover in three parts. First will be the snap tutorial for the back pillows hanging on the frame, next will be sewing the pillows, tabs, and cording for the back pillows and last will be the boxed, no cord seat cushions with topstitching around the seams.  Continue Reading