Discarded Dumpster Chair Gets a Second Chance

Painting metal chairs - Office chair makeover
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I live for a great trash-to-treasure project. And this piece literally came from the trash.

I wasn't intentionally dumpster-diving, but one of our neighbors in the building was moving out, and leaving a lot behind. While taking out the garbage, I found a plastic case that had a lovely blue typewriter inside (immediately snatched that up), a squeaky office chair (I left that behind), and this ratty old seat. Continue Reading

Update Your Decor With These 16 Cool Rattan Pieces

With the recent resurgence of bohemian style, it's no wonder that rattan is also making a comeback. But you might be surprised to discover that rattan can look surprisingly chic. Context is everything, and mixing a rattan piece or two in with more modern elements can make all the difference between a room that looks like the revenge of the '70s, and one that looks like you just added in a bit of natural rattan flair. Continue Reading

100 Affordable Home Decor Pieces for Under $100

100 affordable furniture and home decor pieces - each for under $100
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When it comes to making design changes in your home, you don't want to spend more money than you need to – especially on the accent pieces. The cost of details add up fast if you aren't being mindful of the price tag. However, affordable furniture and home decor is out there – if you know where to look. We've rounded up 100 of our favorite affordable furniture and home decor items, each coming in under $100 each. Continue Reading

Easy DIY Reupholstered Ottoman Makeover

Easy DIY Reupholstered Ottoman Makeover
Photo: Faith Towers Provencher

I’ve had these ottomans for a while, but I’ve never quite loved them. I recently updated my bedroom, and realized that they would be perfect at the foot of the bed… if only they were a different color. So I painted and reupholstered them and now they’re perfect! Click through to check out the whole process.   


Easy DIY Reupholstered Ottoman Makeover
Photo: Faith Towers Provencher

The new ottomans fit perfectly into the color scheme in the bedroom, and they feel a bit more contemporary. Continue Reading

How to: Make a Simple Built-In Bench for Extra Storage

We’d had enough of our dated kitchen, so we decided to give it a full-on facelift, while staying on a budget. Follow along with our whole series: Lidy’s Kitchen Makeover.

How to: Make a Simple Built-In Bench for Extra Storage

One of the more practical issues we faced with our current kitchen was inadequate storage. Because installing more cabinets was a bit out of our budget, we decided to make a simple built-in bench for a two-for-one punch: a place to sit AND a place to put things. Continue Reading

Roundup: 10 Butterfly Chair Covers You Can DIY

DIY chair covers are a great way to personalize your furniture. Here are some ideas of improving butterfly chairs with homemade covers: 

DIY chair covers 10 Butterfly Chairs That You Can DIY

I recently lucked into purchasing an old butterfly chair for $20. Twenty dollars! I'm currently in the middle of making it over and was scouring the web for inspiration and found a plethora of gorgeous chairs to buy or DIY! I'm going to attempt the latter. Check out the roundup of diy chair covers for your own inspiration below!  Continue Reading

Curbly Guide: Furniture Styles 101

Furniture styles can be confusing. What's the difference between contemporary and modern? Or rustic and country? Keep reading to find out… we'll spell it out for you with easy to understand definitions and examples too.  

Furniture Styles 101


Furniture Styles 101

Arts & Crafts Furniture

The Arts & Crafts movement began in the late 19th century, as a reaction against the ornate and often poorly-made furniture of the time. Simple, rectilinear shapes were characteristic of this style, and pieces were usually handmade using wood (as shown above). Continue Reading

75 Do-It-Yourself Ways To Decorate Your Dorm Room

Mega Roundup: 75 DIY Dorm Decor Ideas
Photo: A Beautiful Mess

With the new school year right around the corner, those of you who are heading back to college are probably thinking about how to decorate your dorm room this year. Well, we're here to help! Today we have 75 awesome DIY dorm decor ideas to give your space a unique, custom feel. Click through to check 'em out.     




Mega Roundup: 75 DIY Dorm Decor Ideas
Photo: Wee Birdy

1. Add some color to your dorm room walls with this cheerful giant paper confetti. Continue Reading

How to Repair the Webbing on a Vintage Mid-Century Chair

Replace Old Rubber Webbing Mid Century Chair

A vintage mid-century chair is always a great find. Unfortunately, the affordable ones are usually in bad condition, and they get passed up by many buyers because it's intimidating to figure out where or how to fix them. Last winter I bought a mid-century chair at an estate sale for $15, with broken webbing, and worn-out cushions. But the structure of the chair was in excellent condition. If you find one like this, don't pass it up! Continue Reading

How To Blend Vintage and Contemporary Furniture In Your Home

How To Blend Vintage and Contemporary Furniture In Your Home

If you love to go antiquing as much as I do, then you've no doubt struggled with the conundrum of how to incorporate that beautiful new turn-of-the-century table into your mostly-modern living room. Have no fear, my friends, because today we're sharing some easy tips and tricks that will have you blending furniture from different eras in no time.   


How To Blend Vintage and Contemporary Furniture In Your Home
Photo: Tessa Neustadt

1. Sofas With Coffee Tables

Blending a vintage coffee table (or a trunk in this case, in the photo above) with a contemporary sofa can be tricky if you have no idea where to start. Continue Reading