Best “Before and After” Upholstery Projects of 2010

From the time-lapse sofa, to a professionally tufted side chair, reupholstery is still on the front burner as we head into 2011. As the veil is lifted on basic upholstery techniques, many more DIY-ers are jumping in. If you start simple, don’t spend a lot of money on fabric or furniture right out of the gate, why not try it?  You may be suprised what you can do. I continually remind my students that almost every mistake can be fixed or disguised. Continue Reading

Monday Night Tear Down

created at: 10/25/2010

(Gu-rosssss! Old leggings used as stuffing in a REALLY old rocker. Also, a pair of mens PJ pants.)

Sounds like a wrestling bout. Wait! It is like a wrestling bout. On the floor, on your knees, under a big ugly piece of filth. Yup, that’s what it is. Until you’re ready to build ‘er back up.  Take a look at what the ladies of Monday Night DIY Upholstery are working on.(Teacher’s pets.) There’s no order to these photos but progress photos will be  forthcoming. Continue Reading