3 Tutorials That Will Have You Lettering Chalkboards Like a PRO

Chalkboard lettering made easy
Background by Mateusz Liberra / Shutterstock

Okay, show of hands… How many of us have sat down with chalk in hand in front of our new DIY chalkboards, ready to start lettering, only to realize that our chalkboard lettering skills stink? This morning at about 4:30am while I was surfing the webs –because that’s what I do when I wake up waaaay too early and I don’t want to get out of bed and my iPhone is within reach–I spotted a genius tutorial on Indie Craft Parade that shows how to letter like a total pro. Continue Reading

How to Make an Almost FREE Headboard

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to certain pieces of furniture I can be extremely fickle. For instance, my bed. I see a new headboard I want at least every other day. Could this be the answer to my indecisiveness?  

A chalkboard headboard! Easy to create and just as easy to change. All it takes is a wall covered in chalkboard paint, some chalk, and a little creativity. I love that it can become as simple or as  intricate as you’d like. Continue Reading

Before OR After: Chalkboard Paint vs. Wallpaper!

created at: 05/09/2011

Many of the “before and after” projects we feature are stark contrasts: obvious improvements that border on jaw-dropping (fantasy playroom or party garage, anyone?).  So today, I’d like to present a makeover where the “before” isn’t necessarily bad, just a different style.    

Ashley Campbell is a talented photographer, blogger, and an avid DIYer with a playful style and an eye for design.  She’s had a chalkboard wall at the base of her stairs for over two years but recently decided she needed a change.   Continue Reading

How to turn your fridge into a chalkboard.


Chichi decided to turn her refrigerator into a giant chalkboard. On it she records garden harvests and meal plans while her boyfriend adds ‘whimsical’ food-related drawings. She assures us that this is a weekend project. To turn our fridges into chalkboards, we’ll need….

  • coarse sand paper
  • masking tape
  • a screwdriver to remove the handles of your fridge
  • a small can of primer
  • a can of chalkboard paint 
  • a high-quality paint roller

To see the entire tutorial follow this link.  Continue Reading

Totally DIY-able Chalkboard Cachepots from Pottery Barn

I spotted these in the latest Pottery Barn catalog. The 3.5″ by 3.5″ pots are six dollars each or six for $29, but they would be really easy to make and for a fraction of the cost. A container of chalkboard paint would cover dozens upon dozens of clay pots. I would probably spend a few extra bucks on some pot sealant or simple plastic inserts to protect the paint job.