Before and After: A Colorful Painted Dresser-turned-Changing Table Makeover

This Mid-Century dresser recently got a kid-friendly makeover and second life as a changing table. What do you think of the transformation?     


Herringbone meets chevron meets ombre: this furniture makeover has it all. While I LOVE the before, this playful, patterned version is perfect for a nursery. See more on Ciburbanity and let us know what you think!

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How To: Make a DIY Serving Tray!

created at: 04/17/2012

Hello, slightly-abstracted chevron pattern! You’re my new favorite thing. Also, that metallic gold flair you’ve got going on really suits you. I have a feeling we’re going to be BEST. FRIENDS.   

If similar thoughts ran through your head upon seeing the magnificent splendor of this serving tray, you’re in luck! Chelsea from Lovely Indeed has all the deets on transforming any tray (she used old wooden wine boxes) into this chevron-esque beauty: check it out! Continue Reading

How to: Give a Secondhand Chair a Golden Glam Makeover

created at: 03/19/2012This Curbly guest post is written by Dale Mackey

This weekend my friend Steph and I made this chair together. Well, to be completely accurate, we took an old chair and turned it into this vision in white and gold. Inspired by a chair I’d seen at Anthropolgie, we took a free swivel chair I’d been given by my sweetheart’s parents and transformed into a modern glam masterpiece in about four hours for exactly $4.71.    

created at: 03/19/2012

I’d seen this chair in the Anthropologie catalog and thought it was pretty effing sharp. Continue Reading

How To: Make a DIY Braided Chevron Rug!

created at: 02/08/2012

I love this DIY chevron rug for two reasons*: it combines the artistic and colorful effect of this gorgeous if not impractical rope rug with the ease and eco-friendliness of this recycled rag rug.  It’s the best of both worlds, people!   


Brittany Jepsen, who writes one of my favorite blogs The House That Lars Built, recently created this super awesome braided rug — and you can, too!  You’ll need about ten strips of fabric, each three yards long and about 8-10 inches wide.   Continue Reading

How To: Screen Print with Masking Tape!

created at: 10/05/2011

Whether you’re in a full-blown chevron frenzy (who isn’t??!) or just eager to try your hand at making your own Halloween-inspired printed pillows, we’ve got the tutorial for you!  


Using masking tape or large adhesive labels is the key to pulling off this simple approach to screen printing.  Cyndy from The Creative Exchange shares this clever tutorial for making your own graphic screen printed textiles–without the need for special tools or screens!

Follow her process over on Tatertots & Jello for the full how-to and get tips for making your own Halloween bat pillow, too! Continue Reading

Make It: Hip Chevron Decoupage Pumpkins!

created at: 09/29/2011

Sure, we’ve decoupaged desks, trays, even ceilings… but pumpkins??  That’s just crazy talk! Or is it?  Hmm…  


After looking at these super stylish chevron pumpkins, I kinda have the itch to bust out some mod podge and just start decoupaging everything: my laptop, the dog, maybe even the car.  For now, though, I’ll reign it in and settle for these crazy cool, non-traditional Halloween pumpkins.  Sigh… the dog would look good in chevron.   Continue Reading

Shazam! A DIY Chevron Wall with Some Serious Shine!

created at: 05/25/2011

You’ve probably seen a few DIY chevron projects lately, but… holy mother of all chevrons!  This teal and silver wall blows all other chevron projects out of the water!  

Megan Stay, a super talented photographer and DIY junkie, was itching to get something – anything – up on her walls.  After weeks of stalking the “reject paint” bin at her local hardware store (and searching through all the inevitable buckets of not-quite-right beige) she found it: a perfect shade of teal.   Continue Reading

DIY Idea: Baking Sheet Turned Snazzy Decorative Tray!

created at: 05/19/2011

I’ve been on the lookout recently for some sweet decorative trays that fit my style, budget, and decor… and then I found this awesome DIY project!  

It’s kind of a no-brainer, really.  Heck, it’s brilliant.  Rebecca Robertson, the decorating editor behind Martha Stewart magazine, recently created this simple how-to and I can’t stop thinking of all the possibilities.  To get started, all you need is the following:

  • 1 yard decorative fabric
  • Aluminum rimmed baking sheet
  • Spray adhesive
  • Scissors
  • Fabric glue
  • Synthetic felt
  • 1/4-inch-thick acrylic sheet cut to fit inside of tray, with corners 

She uses a very, very, VERY on-trend chevron pattern, but I’m leaning towards a bold fabric from IKEA or Marimekko.   Continue Reading

Roundup: Must-See Mod Color Palettes and Geometric Shapes

created at: 04/13/2011

So a Chevron rug walks into a bar. He is at once taken by the beauty of Miss Modern Color Palette, who, with her deep navy blues and soothing slate grays, is simply oozing contemporary charm.

Things are really heating up, and before long, a little of that sultry modern lipstick had rubbed off on Chevron’s collar. “Hey, ya know, I look pretty snazzy in these here colors. Gimme some more of that suga, mama.”

And that, friends, is how the contemporary explosion of sleek patterns, geometrical shapes and repetitions of form snuck right into our hearts and homes — for the better. Continue Reading