Gift Guide: 14 Sweet and Unique Gifts for Kids

Gift guide: 14 unique gifts for kids

If I’m being honest, I have to admit I spent altogether waaaay too long putting together this gift guide. I just couldn’t help getting completely caught up in the myriad of amazing toys and gifts available for kids these days. And best of all, many of them are handmade! Click through for my favorite finds.          


Wood toy camera

 1. Got a budding photographer in your midst? They’ll love this wooden camera (that comes in a variety of colors) by Indie Owl – $30


Play tent

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18 Gorgeous Rooms Any Kid Would Love to Share with a Sibling

Roundup: Kids' Shared Rooms

Whether your kids share a room because they want to, or because there’s no other option, it can be overwhelming finding ways for siblings to peacefully cohabit. Hopefully these amazing kids rooms can give you (and your kiddos) a little inspiration, and proof that sharing a room is fun and also totally doable, no matter the size of the space!   


1. A shared room with double twin beds

Don’t worry if you don’t have room for each bed to have a night stand. Continue Reading

How to: Make a Modern Family Chore Chart Your Kids will Actually Use

How to: Make a Modern Family Chore Chart Your Kids will Actually Use

As our kids are getting a little older, I thought it might be a good time to introduce a simple chore chart to teach them shared responsibility, goal setting, and following through on commitments. Sometimes parents can be so hard on ourselves (and others) when it comes to the idea of putting our kids “to work” at a young age. I’ve even heard the term “child-labor” thrown around…which is, of course, silly and even dangerous.

I never thought I would say this, but “when I was their age…” I did chores around our house all. Continue Reading

Gift Guide: Don’t Give Junk to Children – 30 Quality, Handmade, and Stylish Toys for Kids

Gift Guide: Don't Give Junk to Children - 30 Quality, Handmade, and Stylish Toys for Kids

Christmas is just around the corner and we are trying to get organized this year by planning ahead! When it comes to shopping for your kids, it can get a little tiring seeing those same old plastic, cheap toys you try really hard to avoid buying year after year. But what choice do you really have when you haven’t a clue what’s out there? Well, you’re just in luck! We made a fantastic list of quality, handmade and stylish toys for infants, toddlers and school age kids to help make your holiday shopping easy-peasy. Continue Reading

9 Tips for Smart Kid-Friendly Design

Creating a home that’s both stylish and family-friendly can be a hard balance to strike. But, with some creativity and clever space planning, making your home a place that can be safely enjoyed by the entire family is achievable. We’ve rounded up a list of nine tips that blend style and function. 


  1. Decorate with pieces that will age well. 
    Kids can be hard on a house and its furnishings, so decorating with pieces that can weather kid-storms will save you big dollars.
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Planning a DIY Princess Party (Not in a Package)

A DIY Rapunzel Birthday Party
Our little girl is turning four next week, and we’re in full party planning mode. This year’s planning is especially interesting since we’re living in a house with no kitchen, and in various but consistent states of complete chaos. Nevertheless, it’s our four-year-old’s birthday, and there will be a rockin’ little kids’ birthday… in, um, an octogenarian par-tay room.

We’re inches away from starting the next phase on the Curbly House: an addition with a new a kitchen. Continue Reading

Cleaning with Kids: Tips for Cleaning by Age

created at: 03/27/2012

I have three little girls, two of which are very good at distributing toys, clothes, and books all over the house.  After too many days of me chasing after them and cleaning up their messes, it was time to put them in charge of pulling some of the weight around the house.  My sanity depended on it. 

So, how do we distribute chores among children at different developmental stages?  Here are a few tips, and printable helps, to encourage you in the process.   Continue Reading

Furniture Designer Legally Employs Young Sons to Add Imperfect Finishing Touches

created at: 01/10/2012

Dutch industrial designer Lucas Maassen painstakingly creates smooth, straight-lined designs, flawless and contemporary in their construction, then pays his kids to mess it up.

“Thijme (9 years old), Julian and Maris (both 7 years old) work in compliance with Dutch child labor laws. This means, they’re limited to working only three hours per week. The three sons work every Tuesday 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. with a 15-minute break in between. They receive €1 per furniture piece completed and have employee benefits such as 12 vacation days per year and receive a 5% salary vacation allowance per annum.” Continue Reading

Rethinking Children’s Rooms

kids bold room e1280112891699 Simple Decor Ideas for Children’s Rooms

If a child’s room re-do is in your future, you are soooo lucky. Just think, as you plan your new decor (with munchkin’s help, of course; we want to indoctrinate them early) you have permission to embrace your inner kid! Follow these tips, courtesy of Freshome, and this makeover could be one of the most fun you’ll ever do:

Color: Experiment with it!

Themes: Love unicorns? Use ’em!

kids painted images e1280112959142 Simple Decor Ideas for Children’s RoomsDIY: A kid’s room is a great place to try those new DIY techniques! Continue Reading