Incredible Collapsible Chopstick Sofa

Sofa XXXX lede Mind Blowing: 8,000 Chopsticks Used by Yuya Ushida to Create a Retractable Sofa

SOFA_XXXX is made of no less than 8000 chopsticks. No lie. Each were cut into 4 different lengths and then reassembled with wire rings and what not to create individual x-shaped parts that enable the whole thing to expand and contract. 


sofaxxxx14 Mind Blowing: 8,000 Chopsticks Used by Yuya Ushida to Create a Retractable Sofa

Its designer, Yuya Ushida, spent about 3 months constructing it. Yuya says the sofa can support three people under 155 pounds. To see a video of the sofa getting contracted, head on over to Freshome. Continue Reading

Things to Make with Leftover Chopsticks

created at: 05/14/2010

It’s not a big surprise to see chopsticks used to make obvious items like placemats, trivets, earrings, even a dress, but this was a surprise. A former city employee of the Japanese town of Koriyama collected thousands of used, disposable chopsticks from the city hall cafeteria and crafted a 4 foot long canoe.It took him 3 months, 7382 chopsticks and polyester resin. He’s trying it out this month. Read more.

created at: 05/14/2010

Sea urchin lamps by Continue Reading

30 Second Chopstick Doorstops

Meguro, 2008

Actually, it may only take 15 seconds to whip up one of these clever ideas spotted over at Future Perfect. Both are pretty much self explanatory. The one pictured above is a simple stack method while the one below is made with chopsticks and tape. A good substitute for tape would be rubber bands, I’d think. Simple yet clever.

Meguro, 2008

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