12 Awesome Concrete and Cinder Block Outdoor DIY Projects!

cinder block bench, table, chairs, and more!

Concrete, cement, and cinder block are all pretty mundane building materials. But with some creativity and elbow grease, you can put them to work transforming your outdoor space into a stylish living area! We’ve found some awesome projects for you to try: a cinder block bench, coffee table, planters, and more! Here are 12 awesome DIY projects to try this spring:


cinder block bench, table, chairs, and more!


We like using ShapeCrete for the more creative projects. It’s moldable like clay but hardens like concrete. 

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DIY: Mod Cinder Block Wall Planters

Good Golly Miss Molly! I think I’ll need a cinder block wall planter next Spring.  Not being a fan of cinder blocks, I’m happy to see them used in a design-i-licious way. Here’s all you need:

12″ cinder blocks

some extra blocks or pavers to glue inside the bottom of the blocks with plants

Liquid Nails

You can do any configuration you’d like plus the blocks are cheap and paintable so you can have pull them right into your outdoor color scheme.  Continue Reading