Make It: Colorful Citrus-Printed Tea Towels

diy citrus tea towels
photo: Making Home Base

I’m on a bit of a citrus kick. And a color kick. And I obsess over and collect tea towels. So when you combine those three things, only magic can happen. And that’s just what these tea towels are. So cheery, bright, and perfect to display in any kitchen!       


diy printed tea towels
photo: Making Home Base

Not only is this an easy project, it’s also less messy because you can just throw out your fruit after you’re done painting with it! Continue Reading

Make It: DIY Organic Citrus Sugar Scrub

created at: 07/12/2012
A little mid-summer pampering sounds pretty good about now, don’t you think? There’s nothing better than a homemade citrus scrub to reinvigorate the senses and have your skin feeling fresh and new!    
This particular recipe from Sugar & Cloth is incredibly rejuvenating, thanks to ingredients like lemon, lime, and even mint. My tip? Make a big batch and give a few away in cute bottles as gifts! 

Make It: Summer-Worthy Citrus Coasters!

created at: 06/27/2011

Nothing says ‘summer’ more than a giant glass of ice-cold lemonade!  Capture that feeling now (and all year) with these citrus-inspired felt coasters!  

The always clever, always crafty folks at The Purl Bee (Remember these pretty napkins? Or those charming Easter egg totes?) came up with this cute and easy DIY coaster project that will have you dreaming of summer even in the throes of winter!  To get started, gather your supplies:

  • 5 8×12″ sheets of various citrus colored felt
  • 2-3 8×12″ sheets of white felt
  • embroidery thread to match your felt
  • scissors
  • citrus coaster template (available for free download from The Purl Bee)

Once you’re ready to get crafty with some coasters, head on over to The Purl Bee to download the free template and see step-by-step instructions! Continue Reading

Keep Your ‘Fridge Fresh with Salt-Packed Citrus Peels.

Um…the fridge funk. Everyone gets it, no one wants it, and that box of baking soda your grandma (and I) told you to keep in there doesn’t always kill it entirely.

As a fresh alternative, Paulina sent in this idea to TipNut: simply cut the fruit out of an orange (lemon, lime, tangelo, what have you) and fill the rind with salt. “The salt absorbs stale and nasty odors while the [orange peel’ releases a
fresh, orange smell.” Continue Reading

100 Things to Do with a Meyer Lemon.

Meyer lemons

Meyer lemons, a hybrid of a lemon and a mandarin orange, are in season throughout the winter and the early spring. From Julie O’Hara at NPR: “the Meyer lemon has smooth golden skin the color of a fresh egg
yolk. It also has a thin edible rind, a high volume of juice and none
of the tartness of a regular lemon — yet its potential in the kitchen
went unnoticed. Today, the Meyer lemon is a darling of farmers
markets and beloved by chefs and home cooks. Continue Reading