Learn How to Turn Wood

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If you see really beautifully turned wooden bowls, like at an art fair, stop and take a look. It’s easy to overlook how much time goes into making a wood bowl on a lathe. This has to be due to the abundance of mass-produced, zero personality wooden bowls on the market.

created at: 07/22/2010

To see a bowl in this lump of wood, well, it’s beyond me.

But look! It’s taking shape.

created at: 07/22/2010

Hollowing out the inside.

created at: 07/22/2010

Awww nuts! Due to a sap ball, the wood was defective, but can still make a beautiful piece of sculptural art. Continue Reading

Upholsterers’ Inner Sanctum Weekend Workshops

created at: 07/21/2010

Channel back, spring tying, turkish tufting, oh my! The Upholstery Fair, two days of workshops with hardcore upholstery experts from coast to coast are gathering this Friday and Saturday in humble Lafayette, Indiana. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Lafayette, it’s home to the Purdue University Boilermakers (actually Purdue is in West Lafayette). Fabulous Kim Newell of Kim’s Upholstery Shop put this together along with professional upholsterer, Jack Carr of carrscorner.com. I’m about to bust; I’m so excited to get into the nitty gritty of the inner sanctum. Continue Reading

A Knotty Pine Memory

created on: 09/20/08

The sewing studio is finally finished.  I’ve posted photos of different angles of the room.  This room  measures 12′ x 20′.  I brought the rocker in for two of the sewing moms who have newborns. On the other side of the table on the left is a room where the heavy duty work gets done like painting, upholstering, photographing projects and light construction.  There is one more room to the right of the rocking chair which has more fabric shelves, two more sewing machines and a wall of built in shelves for books, etc.  Continue Reading

How To: Wake Up from a Knotty Pine Nightmare

created on: 08/29/08

Help!!!! My sewing studio (basement) is a knotty pine nightmare.  The room where I teach sewing is large, low ceilings and KNOTTY PINE everywhere.  In two weeks the ladies will return to make their children’s custom Halloween costumes.  They prefer sewing in my studio, don’t ask me why, but it’s got to get better than this for me to get excited about it.  I reviewed online comments this morning about painting the paneling and, from what I read, I may end up shoveling coal in Hell if I paint it.  Continue Reading