2 Pictorial DIY Tips

Well That’s Just Plain Clever of the Day: Folded sticky note = Instant drill dust caddy. [tifi.]

Sometimes diy tips don’t need words. Clever, no?     

Or how about this one…a string tied around a faucet. Okay, so it won’t fix the drip, but at least its annoying sound won’t keep you up at night until you, your plumber or landlord corrects the situation. Re-Nest also suggests using this technique if you’re in the habit of turning on your faucets at night to keep your pipes from freezing. 


Cruelty-Free “Bear”skin Rug

This clever take on the bearskin rug was created from an antique antique hand-knotted wool Tabriz rug. The piece was cut and shaped to resemble a bear’s hide, and the excess was shaped to create an adorable, pink wool bear head, complete with shiny eyes and open maw.


At $1,800, its not likely going home with any of us soon, but anyone can enjoy its cleverness. And for a DIY take on cruelty-free taxidermy, check out this faux wood deer head silhouette from our sister site, ManMade. Continue Reading

If You Can’t Hide Cables, Embrace Them.

Until wireless technology becomes as cheap and accessible as its wired brethern, we’re still dealing with cables. And cords. And plugs. And hookups.

And those things, despite our best attempts, are visible, and need to be accessed.

From Unpluggd – “artist Maisie Maud Broadhead has found a way to incorporate the cable of a lamp into the decor of a space in most impressive fashion that actually adds to aesthetics. Cable Drawings by Maisie Maud Broadhead is a series of installations created with wire flex and cable fixings. Continue Reading

How to make a Drinking Straw Pendant Light


Seriously…a pendant light made out of drinking straws. Lots of them. And the best part? It looks great! Addicted 2 Decorating tells us that 40 bucks should buy the supplies to make one. What you’ll need:

  •  a roll of metal hardware cloth with a 1/2″ grid
  • wire lampshade ring with a washer top
  • 22 gauge craft wire
  • 1500 drinking straws, but this number will vary depending on the size of the shade you’d like to make 
  • pendant light wiring kit
  • scissors
  • pliers
  • side cutters
  • this tute 

How To: Giant Altoids Lunch Box.

Clever reuse of the all-purpose Altoids tin is a rite of passage for any DIYster, but turning something else entirely INTO an Altoids tin? Well, that’s just plain fun.DSCF3311.JPG

“Whether you’re off to school or work, you need something to pack your lunch or snack. Just
like the Flintstones, don’t forget your lunch pail. There is a mini-Altoids lunch box but that will not do if you have a hero, grinder, po’boy or submarine sandwich. Make a custom giant Altoids “tin” lunchbox from cardboard to fit anything you want.” Continue Reading