The Awesome/Gross Drain Claw

created at: 11/03/2010

When the makers of The Draw Claw offered up a freebie for me to try out, I watched one of their videos and was simultaneously intrigued and seriously grossed out. Intrigued because my master bathroom’s sink was experiencing slow-drain symptoms. Grossed out because I shed like a collie and KNEW the cause of the lazy drain. 

In the past, MWT has actually dismantled the trap underneath the sink to get at the hair ball clogs, which made me feel totally guilty because the ball was made up of 18″ long brunette hair. Continue Reading

How To: Make a Mini-Snake for Your Bathroom Drain.

Tiny plumbing problems in the kitchen or bathroom sink may require the work of a professional, OR, you may be able to get them figured out with one of these: a handmade mini-snake for minor plumbing drama. This simple combo of some thin stainless steel wire and a pair of needlenose pliers might just de-gunk your drains, and then stores easily for future use. “Simply bend several individual wires (not strands) out in different directions from the center of the cable so that when rotated, the strands will snag hair in the clogged drain.” Continue Reading

12 Quick Around-the-House Fixes

Sometimes we’re so busy around the house with the big stuff that we disregard the little stuff. Follow This Old House’s advice to fix the latter to bring harmony home.

  1. Take the Squeak out of Squeaky Floors and Stairs
  2. Unclog a powder room sink.
  3. Clean your stainless and keep it spotless.
  4. Hide scratches in woodwork.
  5. Tighten a loose set screw.
  6. Mask a musty smell (via your furnace!).
  7. Tighten loose chair legs.
  8. Tighten a drafty window.
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