Make This: Simple Clothesline Basket

Learn to make these minimal clothesline baskets.

If you’re anything like me, you have a running list of projects you want to try. Things you save repeatedly on Pinterest, ideas you scribble down in the back of your planner, or maybe you just keep a mental list in your brain. Clothesline baskets have been on my want-to-try list for forever, and this week I took the plunge. After conquering the first one, I want to make a million of these clothesline baskets. Continue Reading

How to Make an Indoor, Wall-Mounted Clothesline


As we speak, a very large damp coverlet is draped over my banister. If I had a clothesline, it would be hanging outside, of course. But not only do I not have an outdoor clothesline, I don’t have an indoor one either. Although, my coverlet wouldn’t fit on this wall-mounted indoor clothes line, my unmentionables certainly would. If you have an unused corner somewhere in your diggs, you just might want to make one. Here’s the supply list:     

  • a random piece of wood
  • screws and eye screws
  • plugs, to fill holes
  • hooks with heavy duty magnets, if attaching to ductwork and the like OR
  • eye hooks washers and nuts, if attaching to a hollow object OR
  • another piece of random wood and more screws, eye screws and plugs, if attaching to another wall
  • paint, if desired

For the entire tute, head on over to Chez Larsson. Continue Reading

Cactus Clothesline Poles

My mother has always been a proponent of hanging clothes on a wash line to dry. Even in the middle of winter, she’d skip the drier and opt for the clothesline. She’d bring in the linen, which was frozen stiff, let it thaw and then iron it. Yes, it was a lot of work, but if you’ve never slept between freshly laundered sheets that have been dried on a clothesline, well, you haven’t lived. These days, many neighborhoods actually ban the use of clotheslines for aesthetic reasons. Continue Reading

DIY Clothes Drying Rack.

My wife is short, and a high school teacher, so when we find school-appropriate clothes that actually fit, we keep ‘em as far from the dryer as possible. So, tired of having her wardrobe spread all over our living space while drying, I decided it was time for a drying rack. (Our back ‘patio’ has no space for a clothesline.) Problem is, commercially available drying racks may advertise 15 sq. ft of drying space, but that only works if you hang clothes on a single dowel; which works fine for socks, but no one wants a huge dowel line dried across their torso. Continue Reading

Holiday Card Round-Up

I few years ago, I saw Martha Stewart fashion a greeting card wreath using a wooden embroidery hoop, miniature clothes pins, a glue gun and a bit of ribbon. I tried it, and although it looked lovely, as all of Martha’s creations generally do, it didn’t hold up well. The hoop was too big and the little clothes pins kept falling off as they lacked surface area for proper gluing. Plus, it was a little too genteel. Continue Reading