Make This! DIY Contemporary Wood and Concrete Coat Rack

DIY Wood and Cement Coat Rack
Photo: Faith Towers Provencher

Our house lacks closet space, especially by the entryway… so I've always wanted a fun coat rack that I could put near the door. But if you've ever tried to buy a coat rack online, you know that it's hard to find a cool one – and the ones that are attractive usually have crazy price tags to match. So of course I decided to make one! Keep reading to check out the instructions for this super easy wood and cement coat rack.    Continue Reading

Old Wood Board Gets New Life as a Gorgeous Coat Rack

An old wood board gets new life as a rustic DIY coat rack
In partnership with The Home Depot

We're getting into chilly season here in the Midwest. I'm being lazy about the transition this year – I've pulled out all my jackets and coats, but have yet to put away my shorts and sandals (this means my place is a mess with clothing everywhere). Whether you're part of the four-seasons crew like me, or you just want extra space to hang hats and outerwear, a well-placed coat rack is a thing of organizational beauty. Continue Reading

Make It: Modern Wooden Coat Rack

modern wooden coat rack
photo: OhOh blog for Bob Vila

The coat rack dilemma! It’s a real problem and this one is kind of the ultimate solution! It takes up hardly any space and has a huge impact that is oh so sleek. See for yourself!    


modern wooden coat rack
Photo: OhOh blog for Bob Vila


I love the idea of small slits to hang your scarves, bags, and sweaters on. Such a unique way to keep things neat and tidy! .

Check out the full before-and-after at Bob Vila! Continue Reading

Eye Candy: 15 Coat Racks To Buy Or DIY

Eye Candy: 15 Coat Racks To Buy Or DIY
photo: We Do Wood

I love a good coat rack. In the corner or the entryway, it’s a fun and useful accessory! Here are 15 of my faves around the web that you can BUY or DIY!      


Eye Candy: 15 Coat Racks To Buy Or DIY
photo: A Beach Cottage

DIY – Paddle Board Coat Rack via A Beach Cottage 

Eye Candy: 15 Coat Racks To Buy Or DIY
photo: via Camille Soulayrol

DIY – Tree Coat Rack by Camille Soulayrol via Black Eiffel 

Eye Candy: 15 Coat Racks To Buy Or DIY
photo: We Do Wood

BUY (but you could absolutely DIY!) Continue Reading

Roundup: 10 Clever and Unique DIY Wall Hook Projects

Photo: Kara Paslay Designs

Between all the coats, scarves, bags, and who knows what else, it seems like this time of year I’m always running out of space to hang stuff. If you’ve found yourself in a similar predicament, or just want some wall-mounted storage in your entryway, check out these 10 creative DIY wall hook ideas!      

1. DIY Door Knob Wall Hook from Kara Paslay Designs

Photo: Amy Bellgardt

2. DIY Plaster Hand Hooks from Mom Spark

Photo: Chelsea Mohrman

3. Continue Reading

How To: Make a Modern Wood and Copper Coat Rack

Now that I live in a place where the weather changes from sunny to drizzly to bone-soaking-wet and back again multiple times in a single day, I’m thinking it might finally be time to get proper coat rack. This wood and copper version is really catching my eye at the moment — plus it’s a cinch to make!        

Wood dowels and a few copper elbow fittings (three, to be exact) are all you need to make this simple, minimalist coat rack. Continue Reading

Make It: Easy DIY Copper and Concrete Clothes Rack

Sibylle from Funkytime knows the way to my heart: gleaming copper and smooth-as-butter concrete! The two materials just contrast so perfectly, ya know? I’m especially loving how she’s combined them in this super functional DIY coat rack.      

It’s a pretty simple project that just about anyone can do and is the perfect solution for anyone looking for some extra clothing storage space. Check out the full tutorial on Funkytime!

Make It: A Colorful DIY Screwdriver Coat Rack

Stay organized and show off your DIY sensibilities in style with this super easy coat rack project!        

Perhaps, over the years, you’ve amassed more screwdrivers than one person could possibly need. Or maybe you found a bunch at a garage sale or thrift store (or spotted a cheap-o set at IKEA or Target) and wondered if there was some creative way to use them. Well, you’re in luck!

Ben at Homemade Modern came up with this simple DIY coat rack idea — it’s easy to customize to fit your decor and needs, and only costs around $30 (less if you already have some paint and tool laying around). Continue Reading

Make It: Rustic Hanging Coat Rack DIY

If floor space in your entryway is at a premium, try this simple hanging coat rack idea!        

All you need is a branch, some rope (Line from the blog Deas & Mia used sisal), and a couple ceiling hooks (well-anchored, of course). If you want to fancy things up a bit, try painting the branch, using colorful rope, or wrapping the branch in different colors of twine! Worried that your space isn’t big enough? Use a shorter branch — this project is infinitely customizable! Continue Reading

How To: Make a Colorful and Modern Mudroom — from Scratch!

created at: 04/11/2013

Don’t have a mudroom? No problem! Here’s how to make one out of thin air (and some other materials, of course).     

Give yourself about a day for this fun project from HomeMade Modern, then gather up the following materials:

  • 3/4″ plywood
  • screws
  • yarn
  • wood glue
  • 1 1/4″ wooden dowels
  • drill
  • saw

Take a peek at the full tutorial and soon enough you’ll have yourself a very cool, very modern mudroom/bench/coat rack. BOOM.