Make This Leather Coffee Sleeve to Keep Your Hands Cool and Your Drink Hot

DIY Personalized Leather Coffee Sleeve
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My wife and I will be buying a house somewhere in the near future. Whenever she asks me what kind of neighborhood I want to live in, I just say, “One within walking distance of a coffee shop.” That's my only criteria, because that's how much I love coffee. Right now we live in an apartment in a busier part of the city, so most of my coffee is to-go, and grabbed on foot. Continue Reading

DIY: Bent Utensil Mug Holders

created at: 09/16/2010My DIY bud  Stephanie Raab has been riding a DIY creativity wave here lately. Yesterday we chatted about getting these spoons to stick and this morning I get this photo of the cutest mug holder ever. She was inspired by a similar key rack project she saw on Design Sponge. But as all good DIY souls do, she tweaked it a bit and came up with her own design. Love that Steph!! Materials:

  • Wooden blocks in various shapes.
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