Yea or Nay: Spool Bookcase/Coffee Table

created at: 08/09/2011

We’ve had they yea or nay discussion about spool coffee tables before. That argument sort of ended in a toss up. Opinions ran from ‘garbage-in-the-living-room’ to ‘love it’. So, how about this version? Casters make it moveable. Dowels turn it into a bookcase. Yea or nay???

The image is from the September 2011 issue of Country Living, which is on news stands as of the writing of this post. It’s also available on Zinio. Continue Reading

Wall Art/Furniture…DIYable???

Designer John Nouanesing’s Fix It On The Wall Furniture is a piece of art and, when you need it, a coffee table and four cushions, and I’m thinking it’s DIYable. Picture it, you fabricate your cushions, table top and legs, and then you trace their images on a piece of plywood. (Maybe even sandwich two together to get some depth.) You cut out their shapes with a jigsaw and then apply that to another piece of plywood. Continue Reading

Fish Tank Coffee Table.

Have a look at this excellent coffee-table shaped aquarium from Clear-Seal. Each coffee table comes with a “toughened glass top” with polished, rounded edges for safety, a light diffuser, a progressive filter system. In your choice of finishes: Dark Oak, Light Oak, Limed Oak, Medium Oak, Yew, Mahogany or Mirrored glass, and in several size.
But, with the tips offered by these guys, one could surely come up with a DIY version customized to fit your space.
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Build A Mid-Century, Noguchi-ish, Spaceship Table


With very minimal woodworking know-how, I built a mid-century-ish, Isamu Noguchi-inspired “spaceship” table for under $80. The top is similar to Noguchi’s 1948 “Noguchi Table” and the legs are inspired by Noguchi’s Akari series of table and floor lamps.

[When I first made the table, there was no, so I didn’t think to take step-by-step photos. However, I decided to remake the legs to adjust to the height of my new sofa, and refinish the top, so there are illustration photos for those steps.] Continue Reading