Make It: Graphic and Modern Tissue Paper Collage!

created at: 07/16/2012
When a DIY project idea comes from two sisters who run a modern stationery company, you know it’s going to be awesome!    
Heidi and Susie Bauer, who run the fantastic stationery and design studio Rock Scissor Paper, have a blog full of great DIY ideas (it’s called “Make Something Happy” — cute, right?). Their most recent project is cheery and colorful tissue paper collages. They even have an adorable video tutorial to go along with it — check it out and happy crafting! Continue Reading

Curbly’s Wall Art Shopping Guide: 10 Cool Collages

created at: 05/08/2012

It’s art month here at Curbly! We’re going to be sharing enough DIY art projects in the coming days and weeks to fill every blank wall in America (by my rough estimates). But, if you’re itching to get something up on your walls ASAP, we’re putting together some shopping guides to help you find affordable art now!   



Our first in this series is dedicated to one of my favorite mediums ever: collage! Here are ten prints and/or original collages to get your pad looking stylish without breaking the bank.

Continue Reading

Decor 101: Why White Walls are Not Boring!

created at: 11/08/2011

No sir, I don’t think white walls are boring… they are merely just a canvas for something awesome!

I am a big fan of stark white walls filled with colorful collages of artwork.  I appreciate it in my own home as well as others.  For me they evoke the feeling of a light and airy space and I love pops of color scattered throughout. Today I was crafting with a friend who has a fab little bungalow in the Venice Canals part of LA and she also loves her bright white walls… And her place still has lots of personality from the interesting and colorful artwork and accessories throughout. Continue Reading

Vintage Signage turned Wall Art


I found 12 old tin signs that used to hang in grocery and liquor stores to create this patchwork of wall art. Many of them were in sad shape with rust setting in so it didnt feel so bad cutting them up. I just love the graphics and the colors!

Jenny over at Junk Market Style collected 12 rusty, old tin Canada Dry signs, cut them up with a tin snips and then drilled tiny holes into their edges. Using blue tacks, she fastened them to a 3′square board, which she had painted black. The effect is a cool piece of art. Not into rusty old signs? How about cutting up your favorite soft drink (or beer) cans and using them? (Aluminum cans these days can be cut with a scissors.) Continue Reading

Bead & Wire Collage


created at: 2009-06-29

A few weeks ago, after seeing a show at my local art center and coming home completely inspired, I tried my hand at mixed media collage. Yeah, the outcome was mixed alright. It was a mixed-up mess. I’m talkin’ fugly. I nearly pitched the entire idea of collage when it occurred to me that paper might not be the best choice for me.  

created at: 2009-06-29

Beads, I decided, were the way to go. With my beading supplies before me, I set to work. Continue Reading