Modern Industrial DIY: How to Make Concrete Soy Candles

DIY Concrete Candles

As I’ve grown older, I’ve learned to love burning candles at home. I now enjoy buying seasonal scents in pretty containers, and I’ve learned to love making my own candles. With industrial-style accents becoming increasingly popular, I made a set of concrete soy candles with beautiful wood wicks using rose, one of my favorite scents.


DIY Concrete Candles

Candles can be quite easy to make if you use traditional kitchen items like pots and spoons, or you can invest in high quality candle making materials like a metal candle pitcher and wick holder. Continue Reading

Make DIY Mini Concrete Christmas Trees


Though real Christmas trees are wonderful, not all of us have the time, space, or energy to deal with them. So if your tastes lean to the more industrial, minimalist side of things, you can make your own little Christmas trees out of cement. These concrete Christmas trees are reusable, require no maintenance, and you don’t have to worry about ornaments or lights. Of course, there’s no reason you can’t have both a real tree and some of these mini ones. Continue Reading

How Garage Floor Paint Can Transform Your Space in a Weekend

Garage floor paint guide - how epoxy can fix problem concrete

A new concrete garage slab is a thing of beauty. But due to the porous nature of concrete, it doesn't take long before tough stains (like oil spills) make their way into any garage floor. While you might not mind a few stains, over time, an unprotected cement floor system becomes more vulnerable to damage. An epoxy garage floor coating is a great way to ensure your garage floor's durability, and make the space feel cleaner and more inviting.  Continue Reading

Weekend Project: Make These Large-Scale Modern Concrete Planters

This tutorial will guide you through all the steps to making your own, large scale DIY concrete planters at home. 

DIY large scale concrete planters

This summer, we moved into a new studio space on a bustling avenue that cuts right through the heart of St. Paul and Minneapolis. We love it; our huge floor-to-ceiling-windows look out into the sun-filled street and sidewalks where we can watch the light-rail trains go rolling by. But the people looking back at us don't have as much to look at; our storefront is still looking a little shabby and unloved. Continue Reading

Roundup: 10 More Dining Tables You Can Build Yourself

10 More Dining Tables feature image


Today, we’re adding 10 more dining tables you can build yourself to our original 5, which you can see here. In this roundup, we’re covering a variety of styles and DIY capabilities. (Although it might help to have a certain amount of DIY temerity to fabricate the last one  on the list!)

Restoration Hardware inspired DIY dining table
Photo: Shanty 2 Chic

First up is this Restoration Hardware inspired table. The original cost $2,205. The DIY version? $110. Nice. Visit Shanty 2 Chic for the plans.  Continue Reading

How To: Make a Concrete Mason Jar Lid

Concrete Mason Jar Lid Feature Image
Photo: by JoAnn Moser via MASON JAR NATION, courtesy of Cool Springs Press

Once again, I’m super psyched to be able to share the second of two projects from my recently released book, MASON JAR NATION (Cool Springs Press, 2016)! (For the first project, click here.) Like the hanging air plant planter, this project can also be found in the “Crafts” section of the book. UN-like the last how-to, this one ranks easy on the easy to hard scale. Continue Reading

How To: Make DIY Concrete Ring Cones


concrete ring cones feature image
Photo: DIY in PDX

First, a bit of a digression just for shiggles… A few weeks ago I was at my local Goodwill and I spotted a crystal ring holder. Now, I’m not one for crystal, but there was something about this particular piece that caught my eye, even though it was in need of a good wash. I picked it up, checked the bottom, and, yowza, it sported a Waterford stamp. A quick  visit to the Google told me the exact crystal ring holder was available at Macy’s (and the like) for $65. Continue Reading

Roundup: Awesome Concrete Cinder Block Projects For Your Outdoor Spaces

Cinderblock projects for the outdoors

The cinderblock is just one of the most versatile pieces of outdoor equipment out there. I know, you’re probably thinking, “what else can you do with it, but raise a bed?!” I’ve rounded up 10 cool ideas for using those guys around your backyard! The rotisserie? A definite game changer. Check them out below! 



1. Painted cinderblocks look great filled with succulents! See it on A Kailo Chic Life!


2. Continue Reading

How To: Make a Concrete Countertop with Integral Sink


DIY concrete sink with integral sink feature photo
Photo: Fun DIY Ideas

Serious props to Jenise who made–yes, MADE–this concrete vanity countertop with an integral sink. Of course, she had to make templates and build forms first (pictured below). If you’re wondering how she was able to get such stunning results, that’s because she  took a 3-day course teaching concrete artist techniques before she started. Lucky for us, she shares the what she learned on her website, DIY Fun Ideas.

DIY concrete vanity molds
Photo: Fun DIY Ideas


How to Make a Concrete Countertop or Vanity with Integral Sink [DIY Fun Ideas]

IKEA Hack: How to Make a Modern Concrete Pendant Lamp

Make an IKEA-hacked concrete pendant lamp

Are you a fan of IKEA hacking? Do you love concrete? Of course you do! This light pendant project employs ShapeCrete, a uniquely shape-able concrete that allows the user to “pack” the mixture into a form, eliminating the need for complicated knockouts and additional forming supplies (read: save money, time and headaches). Unlike traditional concrete, ShapeCrete allows us to take advantage of a huge range of pre-made molds and forms to create concrete objects like this uber-stylish pendant. Continue Reading