Framing, Painting, and Holes in the Walls – Curbly House Update

Framing, Painting, and Holes in the Walls - Curbly House Update

Check out the progress at the Curbly House! Demolition is done, and framing is mostly complete. I've been working on a project in the basement, and painting is well under way in the rooms that aren't in need of any structural work. Here's a quick visual progress tour:


First up: kitchen demolition and framing

Framing, Painting, and Holes in the Walls - Curbly House Update

As a reminder: this is a before shot. The 'kitchen' was through the opening on the right, and this area was sort of wasted space in between the dining room (behind us) and the living room (front left). Continue Reading

The Curbly House: Where Are They Now?

Curbly House status update!
The Curbly House has been on a blogging hiatus, because, well… we had a baby and moved into an “under construction” house two weeks later. Then, we proceeded to lose our minds.

But as the baby grew bigger and we finally started being able to distinguish between night and day, things started to happen around the house. So here’s a long-overdue update on where things stand with the Curbly House, and what’s coming up next. Here we go! Continue Reading

Smartest Bathroom Makeover Ever

Marla and Colin’s small full bathroom had issues. Besides only having one sink, the floor slanted which resulted in tub water not draining, the lighting was bad and the drop down ceiling made things a little “close”. They (wisely) took a year to save and plan. Here’s how the project played out.First, the fun part: Demo.

Extra space was revealed when the ceiling came down.

What can’t you do with a Sawzall?



Since they planned and saved ahead of time, they were able to purchase items on sale and with coupons. Continue Reading

How To Build Sawhorses

Next time you see sawhorses in a shop, don’t take them for granted. It takes more than a little effort to build a pair if you’ve never done it before. I’ve tried the store-bought kind. They don’t hold a candle to custom sized, good old fashioned handmade wooden sawhorses.  Even if you’re just dabbling in some carpentry projects, you need a good pair of these handy helpers. This is my first attempt at constructing these. Guess what? Continue Reading

12 Refinished Attics

Cozy Attic Bedroom

Have an unfinished attic? Want to finish it? Check out these gorgeous spaces for some inspiration!   

How about an attic pool room?

On an attic bed/bath combo?

A delightful painting studio:

Less an attic and more like a second (or third) floor!

attic1 home improvement

A lovely office space:


The eyebrow window makes this dreamy space:

upstairs bedroom converted from attic space of cottage remodel in Austin, TX

So sweet!

Every day is spring in this attic bedroom:

Attic guestroom:

It’s very purple-y.

Attic Conversion Quiet Room - After provided by Signature Spaces LLC Milwaukee 53216

Stripped down and gorgeous.

attic bedroom

(Primary pic: My Home Ideas)







A home made out of pallets?

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I-Beam's Pallet House is indeed made out of shipping pallets. The original design was to provide temporary housing for refugees, however the same building concept could make very cool garden sheds and backyard studios too. According to Inhabitat, a basic 16″ x 16″ pallet home can be made with 100 pallets. 

pallet building, local building materials, disaster housing, emergency housing, I beam, emergency shelter, pallet constructions,green building materials,

For more information about this and other pallet homes, visit Green Upgrader.

Boots and Totty’s Barn Door Baby Room Divider

Boots and Totty’s baby, Van, was on his way. The only thing separating their bedroom from the nursery was a six-foot opening – no door. Any new parent knows that will NEVER do.

Instead of floor-hogging hinged doors, they wisely decided to construct a nice flat barn door that would hug the wall. As most house projects go, one thing led to another. Before they could even hang the barn door, they had to cut a hole for their flat screet televsion to fit inside the wall to allow the barn door to slide over. Continue Reading

Boys Love Tree Forts

Sean Orlando and crew decided to build a Steampunk treehouse at The Burning Man Festival. Aside from all of the artistic implications, who could them for going to a little extra trouble in order to have some ‘downtime’ from the chaos of 25,000 artsy partiers? created at: 08/06/2010

“The House component itself is built of recycled wood, clockwork components and steel, styled after the Victorian age of architecture, H.G. Wells, and Jules Verne.”

Sean further explains:

The Tree House may indeed remind people of a simpler, more innocent time. Continue Reading

Susan’s Hand-Built Tiny House

Okay ladies, listen up. Susan Herr of Burlington, Vermont took a weekend tiny house building workshop last fall and subsequently built a tiny house with her own two hands. I mean, seriously, how utterly inspiring is THAT?? According toDesign*Sponge, Susan DIY’ed it all, from the gravel base to the shingles on top. The result is the ultimate ‘room of one’s own’, that Susan can use any way she sees fit. Now that is girl power. Continue Reading