How to Make Macarons: Three Tasty Ways!

created at: 03/22/2012

Wow… drool-inducing, right??  I’ve always wanted to learn how to make macarons and this tutorial has not one, but three different flavors: pumpkin, pear, and apple.  That’s a flavor explosion, folks!   


created at: 03/22/2012

Culinary master Caitlin Knoop shares her technique for making this delightful French treat over on The Wedding Chicks.  She starts with an almond macaron and goes on to explain how to make the pumpkin, pear, and apple filling–from scratch!  Check out all the recipes (and loads of pretty photos) right here.   Continue Reading

Oreo Art: Hand-Carved Cookie Cameos!

created at: 02/23/2012

Bad manners?  Psh!  Playing with your food is art.  At least when Massachusetts-based artist Judith Klausner does it.  I mean, have you ever seen such an intricately-carved, cookie cream cameo?   


created at: 02/23/2012

In her most recent series of creations, which applies Victorian-era handicraft techniques to modern, packaged foods, Klausner seeks to explore “how the intertwined histories of gender and craft have shaped one another and our everyday lives”.  It’s an interesting approach, to say the least.  Check out more of this series, which includes cross-stitched cereal, embroidered toast, and even wallpaper made from condiments, over on Judith’s portfolio. Continue Reading

How To: Make DIY 3D Gingerbread Christmas Trees!

created at: 12/21/2011

If you’re looking for a fun Christmas Eve day activity the whole family can enjoy, look no further.  Make these 3D gingerbread trees today and have fun decorating them all weekend!   



Megan Reardon from the fabulous blog Not Martha created this easy-to-follow tutorial for making your own 3D gingerbread Christmas trees, including tips for creating your own original tree templates.  If you don’t have tree-shaped cookie cutters to springboard off of, she also offers some printable templates to help you out.   Continue Reading

Roundup: 15 Semi-Homemade Christmas Cookie/Treats

Some of us don’t have the time or the inclination to roll out cookie dough come Christmas time. If you fall in to that category I’m here to absolve you of any guilt you might be feeling. Stop it! Not all of us are Just Desserts contestant wannabes. SO, for this Christmas cookie/treat roundup, I found ideas that require MINIMAL work on our part as they start with store bought cookies, snacks and candies. 

Starting at the top is Miss Candi Quik’s delightful vanilla-dipped peppermint popsContinue Reading

How To: Make Glittering Sandwich Cookies!

created at: 11/23/2011

It’s been a regular ol’ glitter fest up in here recently, so I thought it only appropriate to extend our new obsession into Foodie Fridays!   

The trick to making these glittering cookies from The Purl Bee is something called “sanding sugar”, a term I wasn’t familiar with before (I always just called it “giant sprinkles of crystallized sugary goodness” because I’m technical like that).  It comes in just about every color you can imagine, so you can go wild with color schemes for holidays, birthdays, or other events.   Continue Reading

Four Melted Snowman Treats


Frosting, marshmallows, marzipan. All together, these melted snowman treats were just waiting to be made.

The ones pictured above come to us from Truly Custom Cakery. Here’s their shopping list:

  • Large Marshmallows
  • Royal Icing 
  • Icing Colors
  • Silver Dragees, Mini Chocolate Chips, or other little candy pieces you could use for buttons and accessories on your snowman.
  • Parchment Paper 
  • Shortening 

These next snowmen don’t look quite as happy to be melting.

created at: 12/17/2010

These graham alternatives couldn’t be easier to make: 

Finally, check out this cake from Lioness123 at Deviant Art. Continue Reading

Where To Find Shagbark Hickory Syrup Used by Chefs and Gourmets

created at: 11/12/2010

Shagbark Hickory Syrup is made only in one place in the entire world; Nashville, Indiana. The extract is distilled from the bark of the hickory tree and dates back to the Native Americans from this region.  It’s all the rage among chefs and home gourmets. “Its smoky, nutty flavor is less sweet than maple, more complex, and hauntingly unique.”  Doubting Gourmet magazine even went on a fact checking adventure back in 2001 and found out that Hickory Works is in fact the only producer of Shagbark syrup in the entire world. Continue Reading

Round-Up: 8 Oh-So-Sweet Turkey Recipes

Homemade sweets that look like turkeys but taste like heaven…now that’s some fowl I’d like to devour! Any of these exceedingly clever recipes would be a fun addition to the Thanksgiving table.

We start with Gimme Some, who tells us how to make Rice Crispy turkeys  using such things as candy corn, cashews and Whoppers! (Via.)   

Who wouldn’t like to munch on an OREO Turkey Cookie?

Not quite as ambitious, but just as yummy! Continue Reading