Curb The Clutter: Genius Ways to Store and Organize Cookware

Pots and Pans Organizer Ideas
Photo: Scott Clark

It’s not an easy task to organize pots and pans in the kitchen… the varied shapes and sizes of the different pieces often end up occupying more space than they should. And let’s not even get into trying to close a drawer full of utensils in disarray! But don’t give up – there are plenty of ways to tame the mess. Here are twenty-two clever ideas and do-it-yourself projects to get everything under control once and for all.       Continue Reading

How To: Salvage and Season Cast Iron Cookware

created at: 12/28/2011

This week we’re giving ourselves a bit of a break after a hectic and awesome finish to 2011. We’ve dug out some oldies but goodies from the Curbly archives that you may have missed. Today – check out this original how-to for giving new life to the world’s best cookware: cast iron.   

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8 Must-Have Cookware Essentials

Ask any cook and he or she will tell you they have a favorite pot. And knife. My two faves are an All-Clad 3 quart, lidded saute pan and Wusthof 8″  Bread Knife (which, frankly, scares me a little; let’s just say it could star in a slasher film). What others should be on mine (and your) list of essentials? Cathy Erway gives us the breakdown.


  1. A heavy-bottom pan with a lid (See, my affection for my saute pan is warranted!)
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How To Clean Stainless Steel.

Stainless steel is all the rage for kitchen appliances and decor, and is still a prime choice for high-end cookware. But a wet rag won’t always take the goo off, and often leaves streaks and dark spots. Here are several inexpensive, natural ways to clean the material using household products.

  • The gentlest method of cleaning stainless steel is to simply wipe the surface with hot water and a soft, clean cloth.
  • If plain water leaves behind some dirt or grease, try adding a gentle detergent to the water.
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