12 Brand Name Cool Drink Recipes

Have you ever found yourself jonesing for a Jamba Juice late at night? How about a Starbucks Java Chip Frappuccino? You’ll be happy to know you can satisfy those cravings without leaving your pad. What’s great about making the drinks from scratch, you know exactly what’s in them. Here are some recipes via Yahoo Green recipes

  • Starbucks Frozen Frappuccino
  • Iced Mocha 
  • Jamba Juice-style Strawberries Wild Smoothie
  • Cherry Slurpee
  • Thai Iced Tea

And here’s some I found:


Lego Does Frank Lloyd Wright

Lego’s architecture series is perfect for those of us who had trouble giving up the blocks as kids. The collection now includes the Guggenheim in all it’s crazy-shaped glory (it looks particularly sci-fi in Lego).

created at: 2009-07-27

Falling Water is also in the range, (though not available yet) and it has me cooing like a lovestruck pigeon (it’s like a perfect storm of awesome things. Meep.)

created at: 2009-07-27

  Find the Gugg here for $55 shipped.


My Bloody Valentine, Make an Anatomically Correct Bleeding Heart

Nothing says ‘I love you’ like a severed bleeding heart. Add a card and
a ring embedded in the left Atrium and you’ve got just about the most
romantic/mind-blowingly-gross Valentine I’ve ever seen.created on: 02/03/09

And you
can make one to traumatise or enrapture your own sweetheart! There are
very detailed instructions and even a video over at I Make Projects
you’ll need:

  • One heart-shaped mold (find one here.) You could use a use a Valentine heart-shaped cake pan for a less restraining order inducing response.
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Latte Art, Making Coffee Prettier

I am such a sucker for a swirly design gracing my coffee. Hearts,
bunnies, feathers or apples make a good Colombian taste better somehow.
Here’s how to make your own impressive foamy creations.

You can also find detailed written instructions on steaming milk and making Latte Art here.

The best coffee in Toronto is served at The Bulldog Cafe, The coffee is
yum, the ambiance is good and the staff are skilled, friendly and artistic. Continue Reading

Push Pin Wall Art

created at: 03/27/2013

A few packs of push pins, a pin board, a dash of inspiration (and possibly a little too much time on your hands at work) And Voila! Gloriously geeky wall art! It’s Mario. And push pins. And genius. Golf claps and whoop whoops to you, clever chaps at  the Student Computing Center at the University of the Fraser Valley.

Personally I just don’t think I’d have the pushpin-application chops to do this freehand like these guys, but maybe some square lined paper would keep things from going wonky. Continue Reading

Playing With Fire The Lego Way

Your mum is nearly always right. Remember when she told you not to
play with fire? She had a good point, but she’d obviously never seen
these. created on: 11/09/08

Blok Candles by Hyock Kwon, soon to be available at emporium-of-hip Charles & Marie. Simple effective awesome.

You mum was right however about running with scissors and waving pointy sticks, you really could take someone’s eye out with that thing


Specimens O’ Gross

created on: 10/27/08

Creepy aren’t they?  To make your very own genuinely unnerving jars o’ ick you’ll need

  • a
    good (gross) imagination. According to their creator “the most
    important thing is to think of a story behind each creation, once you
    have a concept in mind the jar will pretty much make itself”.
  • jars or bottles
  • Plastic
    skeletons, enormous plastic spiders, expandable foam toys. Use your
    imagination, pretty much anything will look yuckier when it it’s jammed
    into a jar of murky water
  • a spot of food dye or some instant coffee granules to make your water murky
  • labels
    , getting your labels right is the key to making these work.
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NES Controller Coffee Table

NES. Super NES. Warm gooey Nostalgia.

I showed my sweetie Chrisjob’s post on the Nintoaster and he appears to be in love. It also reminded him of something else. THIS:

created on: 09/12/08

I am in love too. It combines a few of my favorite themes and things; old school consoles, coffee, storage (what?), and DIY. If you put a
wienerdog and a pygmy goat playing cards next to it and shifted the
whole thing to Bermuda… well, that’s what heaven looks like in my
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