How To: Make A Table Runner From Wooden Paint Sticks

DIY Paint Stick Table Runner
Lexy Ward

Sometimes I take advantage of the freebies at the hardware store. There are just so many uses for so many of the products! Paint sticks are free for customers to take and I have used leftovers for many projects. This table runner is an easy project that you can whip up in an afternoon. And all of the supplies can be found at the hardware store. Win win.      


DIY Wood Paintstick Tablerunner
Lexy Ward

Materials needed:

DIY Paint Stick Table Runner
Lexy Ward
  • paint stir sticks (35-40 depending on length of table – 12 were free, I paid a few bucks for the rest!)
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Coral Kitchens & Dining Rooms?

Modern Kitchen with Coral Colors Idea 530x407

Never in a million years would I have ever thought to paint my kitchen coral. For me, the color congers up visions of kitchens of the 1970’s (not my personal cup of tea). However, after perusing the interwebs for coral kitchens, I can see the appeal of coral, although, I’m still not sold. How about you? Have these pictures made you re-think coral?

Love the white coral chandelier in this dining room:

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‘Wood’ Lampshade Inspired by David Trubridge

David Trubridge’s Coral lampshade has been around for a while. I saw
it first in Elle Canada and it’s been popping up everywhere (it’s in
this month’s Domino, where they have labeled it incorrectly as being a
Arne Jacobson piece). While it barely registered at first I am now
completely consumed by it…
wake-up-at-four-in-the-morning-thinking-about-it style consumed. The
trouble is that I don’t have $500 to spend on a lampshade. So I have
attempted a considerably smaller ‘Inspired by’ version,

created on: 10/12/08

created on: 10/12/08


I used:

  • 3 rolls of Wood Effect Contact Paper
  • Card
  • A protractor, scissors, pencil 

Here’s what I did:

  • I covered the card on both sides with the contact paper.
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