130+ Halloween Costume Ideas If You Have No Idea What You’re Going to Be Yet

128 Ideas on What to Be for Halloween

As an adult, you've got a lot of important decisions to make every year, but one of the most important is what to be for Halloween! We're only kidding – but sometimes it does seem like an overwhelming responsibility! If you're still scratching your head as to what to be, take a scroll down this list and see if anything tickles your fancy. We have costume ideas for couples, whole families and groups, or for a party-of-one. Continue Reading

Roundup: 14 Adult Halloween Costume Ideas That Are Totally Awesome and Easy to Recreate

When October rolls around, the internet becomes overloaded with a plethora of DIY costume ideas to try. A lot of them are for kids, of course, and quite a few of the adult costumes are either too involved or kind of lame. So this year, I’m rounding up some of the coolest adult costumes I could find, that also happen to be pretty easy to recreate. Here are 14 awesome Halloween costumes for adults that won’t take you a ton of time to make.    Continue Reading

Check Out These Amazingly Clever DIY Halloween Costumes for Your Dog or Cat

Check Out These Amazingly Clever DIY Halloween Costumes for Your Dog and Cat
Photo: Studio DIY

Halloween is right around the corner, which means that it's time to start thinking about costumes… and if you have a dog or a cat, then perhaps you're considering dressing them up too! Click through to check out ten of our favorite simple DIY costumes for your pet (or just to have a good laugh!).   


Check Out These Amazingly Clever DIY Halloween Costumes for Your Dog and Cat
Photo: HGTV

1. Give your dog or cat a professional look with this adorable business man costume. Here's the tutorial. Continue Reading

Roundup: 11 Quick and Easy DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

If you’re the type to wait until the last minute to come up with a Halloween costume (guilty as charged), here are a few homemade options that won’t take a ton of time or money.      

Whether you’re making one for yourself, your kid, or your dog, these costume ideas can be adapted for any size person (or pet) — not just what’s pictured!

1. DIY Animal Masks — 10 Different Styles!

2. DIY Frida Kahlo Costume

3. Continue Reading

Halloween Costumes for Procrastinators

Runaway Bride outfit

Have you’ve scoffed at donning a costume, but as the minutes tick down to the big day, you’re like, ‘Dude, I really wish I’d have a costume!’ No worries, halloween.com has last minute no-cost/low-cost costume ideas galore. Be aware, however, that these impromptu get-ups often reside in pun territory, meaning they can be clever or just eye rollers. (Sometimes they’re both!) Here’s a taste:

  • Wedding dress + sneakers = a runaway bride.
  • Empty box of cereal and toy knife = cereal killer.
Continue Reading

How To: Creepy Halloween Makeup Special Effects

created at: 2009-10-30

See horrifying DiY Zombie makeup tutorial by Zombiecore.

It’s almost crunch time. What’s it going to be for Saturday night? Scoochmaroo has done all the leg work collecting and compiling some of the most hideous Halloween special effects makeup tutorials from Instructables. If you’re into gore and hideous zombies, you’ll eat these up. Elf ears was the only photo tame enough to post front page, but here’s a peek at what you can expect to see. Continue Reading

50 Cheap & Easy Halloween Costumes

work of art costume

Coupon Sherpa has amassed 50 ideas for Halloween costumes for both adults and children that cost nothing–or next to nothing–to make. Here’s some with a Curbly bent. 

Work of Art: Consists of carry around an empty picture, look-a-like make-up job, optional.

Leaf Blower: Consists of a baseball cap with a leaf dangling from its bill.

Lamp: Consists of an all-black outfit and a lampshade on your head.

Chia Pet: Think duct tape and grass clippings.

To peruse the entire list, follow this link. Continue Reading

How To: Sew a Pimped Out Witch Hat

created at: 2009-10-19

Photo Image: Wicked Poster from Wicked, The Musical

Who wouldn’t want to dress up if they could arrive at the party wearing an uncomparable witch costume? Last year, Corinne, of Threadbangers posted an unbelievable and well documented tutorial video right here on Curbly of how to make a pimped out wicked witch costume, including the best part–THE HAT. Inspired by Susan Halferty’s Elphaba costume, Corinne took it up, and right on over the top. They’re good, they’re really good. Continue Reading

How To: Make a Where the Wild Things Are Headpiece

created at: 2009-10-14

Headpiece by Jessyratfink.

The movie opens Friday. Halloween is only 2 1/2 weeks away.  Leave it to Instructables to provide all you need to successfully craft your choice of timely cinematic duds for opening night or the dreaded costume party. Choose from an over-the-top Wild Things headpiece, or a subtle and comfortable statement-making, horned WtWA cap.  Wiz seamstress, author, and Instructables Pro, Jessyratfink even has a downloadable PDF pattern for her cozy lid. Continue Reading